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The R60 VDES Base Station is the latest generation base station from Saab designed for fixed shore and offshore installations, providing support for the new VDES standard including traditional AIS functionality and an array of powerful new features.

Key features

Future proof by design
Supports AIS, ASM and VDES
Multi-GNSS capability


R60 VDES Base Station is VDES compliant supporting both traditional AIS as well as the new ASM channels (Application Specific Messaging). It is also fully prepared for adaption to the new VDE channels support as defined by the ITU VDES recommendation and the IALA guideline for VDES. 


Saab was the first company ever to gain a type approval for an AIS product and has been a pioneer in the development of AIS and a major supplier of AIS base stations for many years. Saab is committed to stay in the forefront of the new VDES technology. When fully deployed, VDES will provide a global coverage through a two-way satellite communication link part of the new standard.

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Market leading Software Defined Radio

The R60 VDES Base Station is the successor to the market-leading R40 AIS Base Station, which assures high quality and stable performance.

Thanks to its market leading Software Defined Radio (SDR) design, the R60 is future proof and supports coming changes to international standards and requirements. 

The R60 Base Station is compliant with the RED Directive and applicable international standards such as VDES-standard, AIS Base Station Standard IEC 62320-1, Aton Standard IEC 62320-2 and AIS Repeater Standard 62320-3. The R60 is the main component of a physical AIS Shore Station as defined by IALA. Its main purpose is to receive data from and transmit data to AIS/VDES equipped vessels travelling within the coverage area of the Base Station. The R60 can either be installed on a stand-alone basis or integrated into a network, such as the market leading Saab MaritimeControl platform.

Interoperable and Reliable

Ensuring a high degree of reliability and availability has been a key design goal during the development of the R60, resulting in a MTBF better than 100,000 hours. Furthermore, the R60 includes several Ethernet ports to allow for full network connection redundancy and remote power cycling of the base station.

The R60 also has a built-in NTP-server option to support local time synchronisation for LAN-connected equipment. There is also extensive support for VDL analysis via FSR/VSI-message information, giving details such as Received Signal Strength, Time of Arrival and Signal to Noise Ratio. The R60 also supports channel management via both AIS and DSC. 

A front-mounted colour touch display allows for easy monitoring and configuration of the unit. More advanced configuration, monitoring and remote updates can be made via a built-in web server. 

Functional supremacy

Ensuring a high degree of reliability and availability has been a key design goal during the development of the R60. In addition to support for hot standby installations and local storage data recording, the R60 has new advanced hardware watchdog functions and built-in remote power control.

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Did you know...

  • VDES or VHF Data Exchange System is an international standard based on AIS.
  • We guarantee our VDES products being compliant with the latest standards thanks to our market leading Software Defined Radio technology.
  • Over the years, we have delivered more than 3,000 AIS base stations to more than 50 countries.
  • We are a leading supplier of national AIS networks and base stations in China, India and Sweden. The former of these is believed to be the largest AIS network in the world.

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