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R6 Supreme

Key features

Meets SOLAS V Carriage requirements for AIS
Best in Class A AIS with increased sensitivity and resilience to interference
Designed to meet new advanced communication modes, as defined by ITU-R M.2092 for VDES
Future world-wide connectivity over VDES-SAT data links
Meets IEC standard for cyber security of navigation and radio communication systems

Class A AIS and VDES
The most versatile system on the market

R6 supreme box 4

The R6 Supreme system represents the pinnacle of innovation in the field of AIS. It is the fourth type approved Class A AIS system generation from Saab, and does not only feature leading AIS performance, but also a range of additional digital communication channels in the form of VDES. The updated Software Defined Radio developed by Saab for the R6 generation product offers flexibility and performance unlike any other system.
VDES is the expansion of AIS that will future proof the integrity and reliability of the AIS service. As new VDES services are implemented, customers of R6 Supreme systems will already be prepared to take advantage with minimum effort.

The R6 Supreme systems are successors to the R5 SUPREME AIS systems that are well known to the professional maritime community across the globe.

In a truly innovative design, Saab has once again created a class leading AIS radio that goes well beyond any system previously on the market. The R6 radio does not only meet the Class A AIS radio requirements with ease, but
also implements advanced waveforms and communications protocols as defined by the VHF Digital Exchange System standards.

The receiver’s cutting-edge digital radio design is the result of many years’ research and development of software defined radios. The highly versatile radio platform will continue to evolve as new requirements are introduced and will remain at the forefront for many years to come.

The R6 SUPREME System is developed specifically for shipborne use meeting the relevant requirements and standards for on-board installation.
The R6 SUPREME System is available with an all-new Control And Display Unit, CDU, featuring a speedy modern graphical user interface in a brilliant touch display with accurate colours at any viewing angles.

Black box installations are made simple, with access to a built-in web-gui for configuration and status monitoring.

The R6 SUPREME System can easily be integrated with other on-board systems such ECDIS, Radar or other display solutions using traditional NMEA serial communication or network interface. Dual network interfaces in both the transponder and CDU makes it simple to install on redundant bridge networks.

Did you know...

That the R6 Supreme provides a powerful self-diagnostic and logging tools for service engineers.

  • Separate Control and Display Unit with waterproof front for exposed installations
  • Dual IEC 61162-450 network interfaces
  • Flexible RX channel configurations; reception of new AMRD channel, AIS LR channels 75 and 76, and a range of new VDES channels
  • Built in multi GNSS receiver