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Autonomous Ocean Core

Autonomous Ocean Core is the key to the autonomous battleground of the future. It enables crewed and un-crewed assets to work together, where an operator can move seamlessly with ease and predictability between different levels of autonomy in the control system.

Get the job done – from anywhere

Autonomous Ocean Core is a control system that enables un-crewed and autonomous small and medium-sized vessels to work in a safe and predictable way – on the surface and underwater. It gives navies a new level of surveillance and a tactical edge, increasing availability and efficiency and becoming less dependent on active manpower.

With Autonomous Ocean Core integrated, un-crewed vessels can operate on missions such as: 

  • Assault: Where the craft has a payload such as missiles, mines and torpedoes. 
  • Mine countermeasures: The craft is equipped with systems to search for and neutralize mines. 
  • ISTAR: Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition, and Reconnaissance. 
  • Logistics: A vessel for transporting materiel such as fuel or ammunition. 
  • Electronic warfare: where a craft has tele-warfare capabilities. 
  • Search and rescue: Reducing a crew’s risk during operations.

Open for any craft

Autonomous Ocean Core is a vessel-agnostic system. With an open interface, the system can be tailor-made to fit the craft of your choice. Engineered for plug and play, your vessel's parameters can be entered into the Autonomous Ocean Core Vessel Motion Control to enable un-crewed functionality.

Save precious time on integration and benefit from the limitless possibilities with Autonomous Ocean Core onboard. A solid foundation to build and expand autonomy and AI.

Scalable for any mission

Autonomous Ocean Core opens up a myriad of possibilities, from basic remote control to full AI of the future. Easy to understand, easy to use, and easy to deploy, Autonomous Ocean Core’s open, scalable system lets you build intelligence for any specific task or mission. 

Open, safe and robust, Autonomous Ocean Core provides the base to build systems and new intelligence. Add intelligent systems from Saab, or implement capability modules from other fleets and by third-parties.

Add applications using capability modules indefinitely without losing built-in security and predictability.

Autonomous Ocean Core consists of a control system, hardware and software, implemented on a remotely controlled vessel. Add different capability modules indefinitely to create an array of functions for different tasks and missions. From remote control to full AI. Control the vessel from a mobile control station that can be on land, at sea or in the air.

The Saab advantage – a whole new autonomous world at sea

Saab has a technological edge and complete product portfolio for providing multiple capabilities of an un-crewed system. We deliver a range of technology including navigation systems, electronic warfare, Remote Operated Vehicles, Advanced Radar systems, EO sensors & effectors and more. Autonomous Ocean Core can be delivered as part of a complete un-crewed system or stand alone. 

Our wide range of products and solutions for the naval domain, as well as air, land, and security, in combination with our expertise in system integration, provide system-of-systems solutions with endless capabilities.

Safe to the core

Built-in redundancy and a system of radar, cameras and sensors enable vessels to safely navigate between the waypoints of a mission. Eliminating the risk of collision with static and dynamic objects, and reducing the possibility of human error. 

Autonomous Ocean Core Manoeuvre Modes provide secure route planning. Manage your craft’s manoeuvres from direct control to automatic route planning and execution.

Build systems as yet unimagined

With Autonomous Ocean Core, the only limit is your imagination. For instance, craft powered by Autonomous Ocean Core could be stationed in an area for several weeks at a time to detect and notify of any threats which may occur at once. Similarly, craft can be assigned to track submarines or detect and nullify mines.

Embracing emerging technologies

Innovation is part of Saab’s DNA. For us autonomy is defined as an emerging technology and fundamental to our future work. 

Autonomy is more than moving an asset from one position to another. That's why our capabilities within the autonomous field are capable of handling dozens, or even hundreds, of assets teaming and collaborating together to solve a mission. 

Autonomous Ocean Core changes the game as the enabler of the un-crewed, autonomous fleet of the future.

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