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Sirius Airborne EW Suite – HES-21

Sirius Airborne EW Suite – HES-21 provides electronic support measures (ESM), electronic intelligence (ELINT) and self-defence by means of countermeasures.

Key features

A highly integrated system providing excellent tactical situational awareness.
Provides Electronic Order of Battle (EOB) and data-strategic collection and analysis capabilities.
Enables creation and maintenance of electronic intelligence databases and libraries for emitter identification.

Electronic support measures and self protection

The Sirius family of systems includes Electronic Warfare systems for special mission aircraft and includes the Sirius Airborne EW suite. The product designation is HES-21 (V2) and includes the latest generation RWR/ESM and Self-Protection Systems.

Radio Frequency (RF) receivers

High-precision phase-difference interferometric Direction-Finding (DF) techniques are used with digital FFT*-based channelised receivers for high sensitivity and long detection range and selectivity in dense scenarios.

Full-azimuth instantaneous coverage by quadrant receivers using amplitude-monopulse-based direction finding.

High-performance wide-band receivers for close to 100 % probability of intercept and high instantaneous dynamic range.

Narrow-band receivers offer good detection range and resolve high-density signal environments while adaptive search programmes optimise performance.

*Fast Fourier Transform

Emitter identification

Advanced and well-proven, high confidence, automatic emitter-identification algorithms based on a fully user-programmable library.

Direction finding and emitter location

Position is estimated for every ground-based track by the emitter location function.

ELINT capabilities

Pulse and intrapulse data from intercepted signals can be displayed in real time displays and captured as formatted Pulse-Descriptor Words (PDW) and Intrapulse Descriptor Words (IDW) for off-line analysis.

Extensive recording capabilities that can either be initiated manually, or automatically controlled by events in combination with library data.

Human-machine interface (HMI)

The ESM system has a user-friendly, Windows-based graphical user interface with situational-awareness display, including a geographical map, and real-time monitoring and analysis capabilities.

Self-protection system (SPS)

Saab 2000 AEWC Erieye
Saab 2000 Erieye AEW&C dispensing flares.

The sensor range includes radar warning, laser warning and missile-approach warning and provides established tracks to the defensive-aids controller for evaluation. The defensive-aids controller provides the selection and initiation in auto modes of chaff/flare countermeasures sequences based on the weapon system data from the threat library. In manual mode, the pilot can select countermeasure programmes and initiate dispensing using the cockpit controls.

Electronic Warfare (EW) support

Saab offers an EW support system to meet the extremely demanding needs of EW organisations performing analysis of electronic-warfare data and the reprogramming of threat-and-countermeasures libraries.

It significantly reduces the time needed for the reprogramming of threat libraries and analysis of recorded EW data, thereby enhancing crew survivability and the likelihood of mission success.

For operational support in EW matters, we offer EW Operational Support (EWOS).

Saab 2000 AEWC Erieye

Did you know...

... that the ESM system has a digital receiver, a narrow band receiver, and a wide band receiver that together with the antenna system give close to 100 % Probability Of Intercept (POI).

  • HES-21 is based on well-proven subsystems.
  • It is in operation on various fighter, transport and helicopter aircraft.
  • It is installed on the Saab 2000 Erieye AEW&C aircraft.
HES-21 is installed on the Saab 2000 Erieye AEW&C aircraft.

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