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Gripen CD with BOP dispensing flares

Countermeasures Dispenser Systems

Saab's Electronic Warfare (EW) Countermeasure Dispensing Systems (CMDS) for airborne platforms provides self-protection in sophisticated, diverse and dense threat environments for your mission success and safe returns.

Key features

Robust and combat proven
Smart, agile, low drag and low observable installations
High capacity dispensers
Directional dispensers


Advanced self-protection is essential for airborne missions in today's demanding and complex mission environments. It ensures survivability, safe return home and the freedom to act and room to manoeuvre. In short, no self-protection – no mission.

With Saab’s combat proven Countermeasures Dispenser System the pilot will benefit from the latest, most powerful and innovative solutions in airborne self-protection. The state-of-the-art CMDS will significantly enhance the platform survivability, extend the reach and create the time needed to disrupt the opponent, always keeping the countermeasures close at hand to deliver on target and successfully fulfil the mission.

Truly proven

Saab has a long tradition of delivering self-protection systems to customers on the national and international market. Our systems are combat proven and used on fighter aircrafts, helicopters, AEW&C as well as transport aircrafts.

Saab’s CMDS is installed on a large number of aircraft versions such as Gripen, Eurofighter Typhoon, F-15, Tornado, F/A-18 Hornet, Global 6000 AEW&C as well as helicopters like the EC725, Lynx and Cougar. All CMDS product versions are built around proven baseline products leveraging mature technologies while effectively minimizing risks.

Integrity in integration

Integrating a self-protection system into an airborne platform is always a challenge; especially as it must not compromise the core capability or characteristics of the aircraft. To make this work without compromises, it is necessary to have both knowledge and experience. There is no room for shortcuts.

At Saab, we know what works and what doesn’t. We have delivered thousands of self-protection systems to more than 20 aircraft types in more than 20 countries. We also build highly advanced aircraft.
This means that Saab can provide both state-of-the-art self-protection systems and unique integration experience and capabilities. The result is indispensable products and knowledge at your service.

Smartness in action

As threats get smarter, your self-protection capabilities have to become even smarter. With Saab’s Countermeasures Dispenser System the pilot will access the most advanced solutions available on the market with everything from systems for countering guided threats in both pre-emptive or reactive modes to warning sensors and systems to dispense various types of expendables and effectors in optimum directions for maximum effect.

Smartly combined, these systems will elevate the aircraft combat survivability to the next level.


  • Enhanced survivability
  • Platform protection
  • Proven technologies
  • Supplementary
  • EW independence
  • Adaptable

BOL – Electromechanical dispenser

Gripen dispensing chaff from BOL EW pod
Gripen C/D dispensing chaff from the BOL dispenser

BOL is an intelligent system solution that can counter RF and IR threats – decisively and effectively. BOL is electromechanical and therefore inherently safe to operate. BOL can be installed into missile launchers, conformal housings, pylons, fuselage or external pods.

Once incorporated on an aircraft, BOL will provide the aircraft with an advanced, sustainable and programmable capability for defeating infrared and radio frequency guided threats in pre-emptive as well as reactive modes of operation.

Mounted on the wings, BOL provides world leading pre-emptive and reactive protection capability against IR and RF guided threats by dispensing into the aircraft slipstream and wing vortex.

With Saab’s intelligent, combat proven electromechanical dispenser BOL, the pilot can trust the system to manage the situation, handle surprises and effectively counter any guided threats. Leaving the pilot free to focus entirely on the mission.

BOP – Pyrotechnical dispenser

Gripen C-D dispensing flares

BOP provides airborne platforms with capability to dispense various types of expendables with optimum effectiveness against radar and IR guided threats.
BOP comes in tailored versions to have optimized installed characteristics and functionality on the protected platform.

BOP can be tailored with regards to: installation method, communication-link to the platform, power supply, size of magazine and Smart Stores compatibility (STANAG 4781), low observability/stealth, firing angle with associated aero-acoustic management as well as vibration management.

The BOP-family of dispensers also include directional dispensers installable on both fixed-wing and rotary-wing platforms allowing a point-and-shoot capability. The directional dispensers have the product name Dynamically Variable Magazine.

DVM-200 – Dynamically Variable Magazine


DVM-200 is Saab’s emerging product providing airborne platforms with ability to dispense various types of expendables and effectors in all directions for maximum effectiveness against guided and unguided threats.

DVM-200 provides aircraft such as helicopters with a capability to defeat launched threats like MANPADS and RPG. DVM-200 leverages proven electromechanical and pyrotechnical dispenser technologies. On-board sensors provide threat information and the DVM-200 will address those threats by dynamically change its firing angle for optimum self-protection effect.

The DVM-200 is compatible with STANAG 4781 NATO Defensive Aids System (NDAS).

DVM-200 is initially adapted for helicopter installations and environmental requirements. The architecture supports integration with existing on-board systems such as display, control, Missile Warning System and other countermeasure dispensers.

BOZ EC – Enhanced capability


BOZ EC is a highly effective, combat proven, countermeasures pod for high performance aircraft. BOZ EC has extended pre-emptive and reactive self-protection capabilities through missile warning and flare cocktail dispensing.

This Enhanced Capability is available as an upgrade to the original BOZ pod that is operational on the Tornado Aircraft in all user nations. Using the battle proven BOZ EC pod provides for lean aircraft integration with turnkey ready self-protection.

BOZ EC implements the Saab CIDAS-100 Compact Integrated Defensive Aids Suite into the BOZ pod.

BOZ EC contains five pyrotechnical BOP-L 39 dispensers and four Missile Approach Warning (MAW) sensors in the aft section. The dispensing can be performed forward and downward or sideways in two adjustable directions.

The pod can be mounted on either side of the aircraft while through the adjustable dispensing direction still ensuring safe separation of expendable countermeasures.

The BOZ EC pod has a Ground Support interface that provides for ground crew Built-In-Test indication, power indication, ground based end-to-end testing, initiated Built-In-Test and an Ethernet based data port.

ESTL – Enhanced survivability technology

ESTL self protection pod on Gripen

The ESTL countermeasures pod is a highly effective countermeasures self-protection pod for use on any fixed wing aircraft.

ESTL is an intelligent system solution that counters RF and IR threats – decisively and effectively. The ESTL is on a mission-to-mission basis installed onto a missile launcher or via an adaptor to a bomb rack or other aircraft hard-point. ESTL uses the combat proven BOL and BOP dispensers mounted into the ESTL pod structure.

ESTL provides covert sustainable pre-emptive dispensing, forward firing of flares and cocktail dispensing.

Innovation strikes back

In contested environments, things change fast. In order to keep up, you need to continuously develop. At Saab, we don’t settle for just keeping up, we always strive to stay ahead, constantly improving our systems as well as innovating new ones, taking self-protection to new, smarter and higher levels.

Our next generation systems will even re-define what a self-protection system is. By incorporating threat agnostic countermeasures and directional dispensers, they will provide better protection than ever before.

ESTL self protection pod on Gripen

Did you know....

... that all systems components of BOL, BOZ and BOP has reached Technology Readiness Level 9 (TRL 9)?

  • All our countermeasure dispensing systems are fully programmable with support tools enables sovereign capability.
  • BOL, BOZ and BOP are combat proven.
  • Each BOL provides the aircraft with several minutes of pre-emptive protection.
The system components of BOL BOZ and BOP have all reached TRL 9.

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