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TactiCall VCS Air Operations

TactiCall VCS interconnects all your communication technologies regardless of radioband, frequency and hardware, thereby reducing effort and risk while increasing tempo.
9Airborne MMS
TactiCall VCS user terminal

Key features

Hardware agnostic and independent of legacy
Modular and scalable
EAL 5+ certified secure communication solution

All systems – one interface

The system is scalable from one to several operator positions or communication interfaces and makes up the centrepiece in remote controlled operations from single radio to complete communication solutions. Being completely modular, TactiCall VCS will allow you to put together the functionality needed to support your operational requirements spot on. Integrating seamlessly with third party equipment, legacy or new, it will protect prior investments and prolong the lifespan of your existing systems as well.

The intuitive and modern user interface will guarantee secure and reliable operations within every operational setup, be it within Air Operational Centres (AOC), Control and Reporting Centres (CRC), Headquarters (HQ), deployable command centres and deployable command posts.

In every way TactiCall enables you to build a robust and highly survivable system with no single point of failure, which will let you handle voice and data communication, red as well as black, in a fast and efficient manner.

Gripen C
Fighter pilot

Ground - Ground

TactiCall is a flexible and highly scalable, net centric, command centre solution. All resources are accessible from any operator control posi- tion in the IP network and operator roles are free seated and independent of physical positions.

TactiCall gives you complete control and fast access to all ground communication networks connected to your command centre. Local centre Intercom, global Loop Intercom in a multicentre set-up, encrypted telephony, public telecom networks, ATC networks or Unique TactiCall Conference Nets.

Using standard telecom and data interfaces, VoIP and SIP telephony ensures interoperability when using COTS telecom gateways and IP telephones as is also the case when interconnecting with other coalition forces.

Ground - Air

TactiCall is a fully distributed IP-based communication solution allowing multiple command centres and remote radio sites to be distributed over a large geographical area. The radio communication services allow operators to perform secure and non-secure voice communication on VHF, UHF and HF radios including remote control of radio parameters.

The radios can also be used for watch keeping, unicast transmission on a single radio, or multicast and broadcast transmission on multiple radios of the operator’s choice. Static and dynamic patch feature enables frequency coupling between several radio nets.

For cost effective secure voice operation and effective crypto key management, TactiCall facilitates crypto pools for dynamic sharing of voice cryptos located at the command center.


User experience

Communicate flexibly and effectively

Define the nets needed and assign operator access to each of these – that simple! Operators can concurrently monitor or communicate via any combination of the accessible nets – if permitted by your communication policies, including security restrictions. TactiCall gets the message through, even when having to adapt the nets’ operational parameters using remote control.

An effective telephony solution

TactiCall includes a full feature telephony element, which can replace the traditional stand-alone telephone system. Dial from extensive operator defined phone books, using the number pad, using direct call keys or respond to last calls. Each physical unit has a phone number, as well as any operator and role. No excuse for not being reachable.

Connect whoever is needed

TactiCall provides you with tools to let all involved parties communicate effectively, regardless of frequency bands, standards and equipment suppliers. This can be achieved by either preconfigured connections through the management system or on-the-fly patches created and maintained by the operator.

VCS Secure Voice Communication

TactiCall VCS is built to facilitate the chain of command. Naval and military communication requires RED and BLACK separation as well as security accreditation of the overall solution.

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Did you know...

...just how flexible TactiCall is? Here are some interesting facts about our communication system.

  • Tacticall Integrated Communication System is operating in more than 20 countries.
  • The first generation of TactiCall was installed in 1986.
  • TactiCall supports free seating and profiles can be accessed from any terminal.
  • There are no limit to the amount of communication channels controlled by TactiCall User Interface.

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