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Security Vetting

Personal data processing in connection with security vetting

Saab will collect and process personal data in connection with the ongoing recruitment or assignment process in which you are involved. Saab aims to protect the privacy of job applicants by handling personal data in a secure way. The processing of personal data by Saab is carried out pursuant to applicable data privacy laws and regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Following below is a description of the way in which Saab collects, processes and shares your personal data in connection with security vetting, along with your rights and how to contact Saab should you have any questions.

Self-declaration and verification

You are invited to undergo security vetting as part of Saab's recruitment or assignment process. A self-declaration is part of the security vetting. To facilitate the process and to ensure a clear and straightforward dialogue, you are requested to provide certain basic information which will be verified by Saab.

You will get more information regarding applicable steps in the vetting process as they occur.

In order to pass a security vetting, it is imperative that no information emerges in the verified information – which you have not already declared yourself – that may have a negative impact on our trust in you. Any personal difficulties, incidents or problems from your past that you acknowledge are always considered contextually, based on the severity of the incident, your role therein, the amount of time that has passed since the incident, and your age at the time. Your sincerity and honesty are essential to our assessment. If you have any questions about or objections to the verification of your information, kindly contact your designated recruiter or assignment contact person.

Security vetting interview

In addition to a normal recruitment or assignment interview, you will also be asked to take part in a security vetting interview. During the interview, we will go through the self-declaration. We will also discuss your contacts, life situation and awareness.


Bring your passport (or any similar identification document if you do not have a passport) to the security vetting interview. If you have or have had dual or multiple citizenships, bring passports for all those, even if they have expired. Contact your recruiter or assignment contact person if you are missing a relevant identification document.

Processing of your personal data

To carry out the security vetting, Saab will process your personal data. Personal data refers to all information which Saab can use to directly or indirectly identify you. If you would prefer to not submit certain personal information, you can withdraw from the process at any time.

What personal data will be processed?

Saab will collect and process the following categories of personal data from you (if applicable in your country).

  1. Identity information: name, address, phone number, email address, and government-issued identification such as citizenship documentation, passport or driving license. Given names and surnames of other individuals registered at your address.
  2. Professional background: job history, educational qualifications, professional certifications, and references.
  3. Courts and public authorities: involvement in any judicial process, decisions by public courts and law enforcement agencies.
  4. Financial information: public income information, credit check results, debts registered by public authorities.
  5. Corporate interests, company ownership and board positions.
  6. Online presence: results of online checks to identify vulnerabilities or risks in your digital presence

How is personal data collected?

Personal data is collected directly from you and from open public sources available in your country, such as universities, colleges and municipal records, national agencies such as the tax agency, prosecution authority, courts, commercial credit and legal databases, companies’ registration office, land registration authority, transport agency etc. Saab may verify the information provided by you through previous employers, media searches on the internet, and company publications.

What is the purpose of the processing of your personal data?

Saab processes your personal data to conduct the security vetting procedure that is part of the ongoing recruitment or assignment process in which you are involved.

What is the lawful basis for personal data processing?

Through its supply of defence equipment and its operation of systems for societal security, Saab plays a critical role in national security. The position for which you have applied is subject to security vetting according to the security protection agreements to which Saab is a party, or according to Saab's own risk and security assessment of the position.

The legal basis for our processing is Saab's obligation to comply with national security legislation and in some cases that it is in our legitimate interests to process your personal data to manage and conclude a security vetting as a part of the ongoing recruitment or assignment process in which you are involved.

Who has access to your personal data?

Saab takes appropriate security measures to protect your personal data against, among other things, loss and unauthorised access. Saab also restricts access to your personal data, which is only granted to individuals who, pursuant to the aforementioned purposes, are required to process your personal data. Saab may share your personal data with companies within the Saab Group, and with our subcontractors and partners who assist in the security vetting process. We primarily work with subcontractors and partners in Sweden, and occasionally subcontractors and partners in other countries in the European Union (EU) and the United Kingdom (UK), who assist us in verifying the information you provide in your self-declaration. Our subcontractors and partners have signed data protection agreements in which they undertake to only process your personal data as per Saab's instructions. Saab will not transfer your personal data outside of the EU or the UK.

All staff that will participate in the security vetting process have signed non-disclosure agreements that prevent unauthorised use or sharing of your personal data.

For how long is personal data retained?

If you start working with Saab, your personal data collected for security vetting purposes is retained during your employment or assignment. In cases where the recruitment process does not lead to employment/assignment, the personal data collected during the security vetting process will be erased without delay. Saab will, however, save personal data related to the recruiting process such as your application, CV and e-mail conversations with the recruiter. This data is saved as long as there is a legitimate purpose and/or in accordance with applicable law.

What are your rights?

Saab AB, company identity number SE 556036-0793, address Saab AB, 581 88 Linköping, is the personal data controller for the processing of your personal data. This means that we are responsible for ensuring that your personal data is processed correctly and in accordance with applicable personal data laws and regulations. Our Data Protection Officer can be contacted at

Read more about your rights and how to get in touch with Saab.