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End of life support

When it is time to phase out a system or a product there are many areas to be considered in order to achieve a cost efficient, safe and acceptable result. Using Saab’s end of life management expertise, we can provide smart and cost efficient solutions to help you phase-out, archive, recycle and dispose of the affected products or systems.

Proper execution of the end of life phase brings substantial benefits with regards to cost, compliance and availability.

  • Cost savings
    Ability to achieve cost savings through efficient and optimised execution of the end-of-life phase.
  • Compliance
    Ensure compliance with legal, regulatory and environmental requirements.
  • Availability
    Secure operational availability throughout the end of life phase while driving down costs.
  • Your partner for success
    During our over 75 year long history as a supplier, Saab has successfully completed end-of-life management for a variety of systems and products. Saab has world leading expertise and unique methods for optimising the end-of-life phase, that gives you the edge.


Our offer

CBRN Transport packaging

Saab offers a complete range of services ensuring full completion of end-of-life management from an integrated logistic support perspective. Our ability covers the entire process from analysis to execution and close down.

  • Ground Support Equipment
  • Information Solutions
  • Logistics Engineering and Management
  • Supply Chain Logistics
  • Operations and Maintenance Follow-Up
  • Technical Information
  • Environmental Compliance

Case Study: Viggen Fighter Jet


The Swedish Armed Forces used the Saab Viggen fighter jet (A/C 37) between 1972 and 2007. Over 300 aircraft were manufactured, both as a single and two-seat configuration, in 5 versions covering different needs: from training, to attack and reconnaissance.

Customer challenge

To phase out Viggen as cost efficiently as possible meanwhile securing maintenance capacity and operational availability for remaining use.

Achieved results

Use of Saab's End-of-Life Management services for optimisation resulted in savings of over 14 million USD (102 million SEK).

This was accomplished by applying Saab's expertise and unique methodology for Part-out-Based Spares Optimisation (PBSO), for identifying when to stop carrying out maintenance of parts and instead discard them, considering the planned system end-of-life and remaining operational profile. Use of Saab's PBSO methodology led to identification of over 4 400 Line Replaceable Units for which excessive maintenance was replaced with discarding.

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