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Global Fighter Support

In-service support

Availability is not an obvious state, but yet a requirement if you want to maintain efficiency and stay focused on your core operation. Saab’s smart support solutions help you counter any challenge by balancing the need to maximise availability with the goal of reducing costs.

The solutions embodies Saab´s thinking edge approach by bringing together adaptability, flexibility, cost-efficiency and partnership with local industries in a smart support solution offer for all platforms and domains.


Our offer

Hcp 15 Support

Maintenance and Repair

Saab’s maintenance and repair services are tailored to fit seamlessly into your organisation. We offer short lead times and high quality workmanship through our experienced and skilled personnel.

  • Preventive maintenance on system and component level
  • Corrective maintenance and repairs on platform/main system and components
  • Software maintenance
  • On site technicians
  • Maintenance responsible
  • Maintenance advisors
  • Technicians

Upgrades and modifications

Saab offers modifications and upgrades at any stage of a product or system life cycle. Our solutions meet any need from adaption to changing user requirements to software upgrades or obsolescence mitigation. We have the necessary competence and authorizations to perform it and we offer this service both as an OEM and as a third party organisation.

  • Development and production of upgrade kits
  • Installation of upgrades
  • Update of technical documentation and support system
TactiCall Multi Function Consoles

Supply and logistics

Saab can assure the delivery of any spare part to any location in the world through our broad network of suppliers and our extensive knowledge of our core products. We provide the right spares and consumables at the right time and at the right cost.

  • Supply
    • Provide spare parts, consumables, expendables, support and test equipment, spare part programs, spare part recommendations, dimensioning and prognosis (long term and short term)
  • Logistics management
    • Logistics for component maintenance
    • Transportation
    • Warehouse management
    • Dangerous goods handling
    • Customs handling
  • Obsolescence management/monitoring

Fleet management

Saab’s fleet management services enhance operational margins through avoidance of cost and risk. We have the right tools and knowledge to provide you with reliable foundation for decision-making to optimised operations and asset management.

  • Information management
    • Define, collect and sort information
  • Performance monitoring
    • Perform analysis on the collected information
  • Asset management
    • Draw conclusions based on the analysis in order to optimise operation aspects of the investigated system
  • Maintenance planning and management
Carl-Gustaf ODT


Saab’s training customers benefit from our long experience and deep knowledge of developing training solutions. We have a long history of tight cooperation with our customers, helping them to secure their long-term operations.

  • Analyse training needs and develop training solutions
  • Develop courses and conduct training
    • Standard training courses
    • Follow-on practical training courses
    • Customised training courses
  • Training for operators and maintenance personnel
  • Instructor training

Operational and technical support

Saab improves the performance of its customers’ facilities by seamlessly integrating with their daily operations and guaranteeing service delivery. We form a natural part of our customers’ teams, offering deep product and operations knowledge.

  • Operators (pilots, system operators)
  • Operator advisors
  • Field representatives
  • Query and answering service
  • On site technicians
  • Maintenance responsible
  • Maintenance advisors
  • Technicians

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