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Saab engages in sponsorship and social engagements in order to strengthen its brand, relationships, trust, and recruitment.

Saab has a policy with guidelines and a strategy for sponsorship and social engagement, which applies to the whole Saab group with no exceptions. The policy clearly states that Saab does not engage in political activities and that activities must not be used as a subterfuge for bribery or corruption. As always, the activities shall comply with Saab’s Code of Conduct and applicable laws and regulations.

Saab’s arrangements shall always be long-term and need to follow processes of evaluation and measurement. Decision-making bodies consider the overall strategy and follow the guidelines for sponsorship and social engagement - there are local bodies with authority connected to certain areas and thresholds. Initiatives above these thresholds or outside of these areas, shall be referred to the Communication Board, a centralised decision-making body in the Saab group.

All decisions decided by a local body are reported to the Communication Board that summarises Saab’s engagements globally.