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Saab Global

Air Combat Simulation Engineer

London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Closing date: 2 March 2024

Saab UK is a British company that is part of Saab Group’s global high-technology operations. Saab offers world-leading solutions and services in defence, aviation, space and civil security. In the UK we bring together the best of Swedish and British innovation and engineering to provide our customers with products and solutions that push boundaries for what is considered technically possible. Our mission is to help our customers to keep people and society safe.

Our Saab UK business is going through a period of rapid growth, this means that we can offer a wide range of opportunities for personal fulfilment and career growth. As part of the global entity Saab AB, Saab UK Ltd combines the innovative spirit of a start-up with the resources and expertise of a larger corporation. Across the country we have seven principle sites which focus on software engineering, underwater robotics, training services and radars. Globally we number over 19,000 employees and have operations on all continents. Technologically we are leaders in many areas, and we reinvest a high proportion of our earnings in internal research and development. We collaborate with colleagues around the world who all share our challenge – to make the world a safer place.

Saab is a company with opportunities, a company where we see diversity as an asset and where you have both considerable responsibility as well as good opportunities for advancing in your career. Additionally, Saab is a company that respects each person’s needs for a rewarding life beyond work.

Role Purpose:    

Aircraft, sensor and payload modelling and simulation from model requirements analysis, definition and architecting, through to model development and integration, and verification and validation.

Developing models and tools using MATLAB, Simulink and related tools; auto-coding of Simulink models to C/C++; assessment of third-party work; and the development and maintenance of standard processes within the programme framework. 

Some element of customer facing will be required.   

Key Responsibilities:

  • Work collaboratively as an integral part of a small team delivering a customer focused task-based modelling and simulation support service.
  • Dealing with aerospace vehicle and system models including:
    • Flight performance.
    • multiple degree-of-freedom (3+) equations of motion.
    • transformations between multiple frames of reference using Euler angle and quaternions.
    • Flat-earth, spherical earth and WGS-84 coordinate systems.
    • Sensors and signatures.
    • Solving optimisation problems.
  • Investigate, understand and resolve problems with:
    • Simulink model development
    • Model integration into e.g. system-of-systems models and distributed simulations.
  • Analyse results from model integration and simulation development to provide understanding of the component models performance and their interactions.
  • Develop and maintain tools for the translation of data files between formats in use within the community.
  • Develop Simulink models of aircraft and aerospace systems and auto-code to C/C++ and dll.
  • Integrate Models (Simulink and dll) into System-of-Systems models.
  • Undertake simulation development, testing and application with results analysis to provide understanding of component models and their interactions.
  • Develop and test models for integration into Distributed Simulations.
  • Extend the Distributed Simulation capabilities and functionality.
  • Sanity checking model performance and simulation results through cross-checking with other sources of information and engineering estimates.
  • Validation and Verification of model performance and simulation results against requirements.
  • Review documentation for accurate technical content and quality to ensure it meets the required high standards.
  • Investigate modelling and simulation tools to support new customer requirements.
  • Suggest alternatives and recommend new approaches or tools to support continuous process improvement in task delivery.
  • Generate documentation (User Guides, Interface Control Documents, Delivery Notes, Verification and Validation reports) for models, simulations and applications developed by the team at an appropriate level for the expected end user’s technical ability.
  • Report on technical issues encountered with 3rd party provided models and simulations covering the issues, significance and potential resolutions.

Other Duties and Responsibilities

  • To actively participate in Blue Bear’s Performance Management Scheme.
  • To undertake such other duties and responsibilities as may be reasonably required within the grade and level of the post.
  • You will be expected to perform different tasks as necessitated by your evolving role within the company and the overall business objectives of the company. Some travel within the UK and internationally may be required.