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Sustainability in France

Soucieux de l’impact environnemental de ses actions et ayant pleinement conscience des enjeux du changement climatique pour la société et ses individus, Saab souhaite accompagner cette dynamique de coopération franco-suédoise grâce à ses produits innovants et de par son processus plaçant l’innovation au centre de sa stratégie industrielle. En France, nous nous efforçons de répondre au plus hauts standards de compliance aux critères ESG. Ces critères sont pris en compte dans la gestion de notre bureau, de nos déplacements et surtout dans le choix de nos partenaires locaux.


Climate change, pollution, injustice and corruption threaten societies across the globe. The rising CO2 level in the atmosphere causes dangerous effects like draught, flooding, hurricanes, forest fires and rising sea levels. This results in disasters, often pushing people to the point that they have to leave their homes and land to survive. Subsequently, such migration often leads to tensions in which stability of regions are at stake.

When focusing on climate change, two things stand out regarding what companies can do. The first is to help societies adapt to climate change, like how to deal with water shortages, storms, sea level rising and dry winds. Companies can play an important role by developing new products and implementing solutions for this. The second is that companies can contribute to keeping global warming limited to 1.5 degree, by reducing  their own greenhouse gas emissions, most notably CO2 and that of their suppliers and the users of their products and services.


Sustainability as a critical factor for Defence and Security

Various organizations have plans to contribute to reduce their emissions to zero. For the Defence sector this is a major challenge as it must be assumed that opponents of NATO and EU will keep on using fossil fuel in their current and future weapon systems. Therefore, fossil fuel will in certain cases still be required, also on the longer term. That is why the Defence sector can only commit to net zero emissions, meaning compensation will have to be provided for emissions that cannot be avoided because of security reasons.

Innovation as driver for sustainability

With more than 20% of its turnover dedicated to R&D, Saab develops innovative and sustainable solutions that contribute to reducing the environmental footprint of the operations of the armies it equips. Below are examples of products, which consider sustainability and energy dependency while ensuring greater operational comfort.

Our mission

Our commitment to society is at the core of Saab and sustainability is the very basis for the company’s long-term development and growth. Peace, security and stability are prerequisites to ensure that we together reach all the UN Sustainable Development Goals. In a world where threats against societies are growing increasingly diverse, and with climate change giving rise to a new instability, Saab contributes to defence and security capabilities as a trusted partner in Sweden and many other countries.

As a defence company in a political and government dominated market, Saab must ensure the highest ethical standards. Saab’s anti-corruption programme is a foundation in our strategy for sustainable growth and profitability. Saab’s commitment to Race to Zero is another important step to address the broader sustainability challenge.


Keeping people and society safe

For Saab, responsibility for people, society and the environment is critical in order to create sustainable growth.

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