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Supremacy over the seas

Modern warfare is changing at a rapid pace and forces can no longer make do with missile systems that might struggle to face up to tomorrow’s threats. To combat this problem, Saab has implemented a hands-on design, development and support process to provide clients with a truly future-proof missile system – the RBS15 Gungnir. With its powerful warhead and long range combined with state-of-the-art target seeker it is ready to give its user the supremacy over the seas.


Jointly developed by Saab and Diehl Defence, Gungnir is the latest member of the RBS15 family, utilising the RBS15 Mk4 missile. Designed to dominate any environment, the Mk4 can operate effectively in littorals and blue waters. It can also be launched from land, sea and air platforms – offering exceptional versatility.

Gungnir’s enhanced features include a range of over 300 km, improved defence penetration and electronic protection. The solution also has a state-of-the-art, all-weather target seeker – allowing the operator to tackle more progressive threats, in more complex environments, than ever before.

The active radar target seeker used by the RBS15 missile is powerful enough to overwhelm potential jammers. Its transmissions are also unpredictable in frequency and time, making it difficult for the adversary to effectively target the jamming. These and other features allow the RBS15 to counter most existing forms of active and passive electronic countermeasures. The target seeker also has a unique target discrimination capability thanks to the high resolution in both bearing and range which also contributes to discrimination and suppression of false signals from chaff, decoys and jammers. Additionally, the target seeker’s functionality is software defined. This allows the missile to easily adapt to new threats as they emerge and for new features to be added through software updates. Gungnir can be updated to counter advances in technology and what the enemy has in its capabilities.


Game-changing design through collaboration

Saab has been handpicked by the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration to deliver RBS15 Gungnir as an integrated capability to the Swedish Defence Forces. Integrated product teams and other collaborative groups consisting of specialists from the armed forces and industry have worked alongside Saab to help shape the company’s state-of-the-art missile solution into something fit to take on whatever the future might hold.

Saab’s approach has helped the company to pinpoint future threats, anticipate compatibility issues and find ways of rising above contemporary design hurdles. The development of Gungnir has been a game-changing experience for the group, but the very nature of the product means that even more exciting challenges lie ahead.

To ensure Gungnir’s technology doesn’t become outmoded, we will work side by side with users throughout the product’s ownership. The idea is to keep the development and innovation process continuous, with us providing regular updates and training opportunities while customers consistently relay their feedback and ideas for new capabilities.

Our customers will have an opportunity to participate in the continual growth and evolution of Gungnir. It’s entirely up to them – they can embrace this experience to the fullest or just sit back and enjoy the ride while benefiting from a world-leading missile system, together with Saab’s commitment to innovation and unrivalled support.