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Multi-mission radar for maritime security

The versatile, lightweight 3D AESA Sea Giraffe 1X radar gives you the multi-role advantage providing quick and reliable simultaneous detection of surface and air targets including sea-skimming missiles with very small radar cross-sections. Thanks to Saab’s world-leading naval radar technology, this capability is also maintained in the extreme clutter conditions of littorals.


Detection superiority

The Sea Giraffe 1X has a range of 100 kilometres, covers the entire search volume every second and provides accurate 3D data for all aerial targets in the search volume. The automatic detection and tracking functionality provides fast and reliable feedback to the operator. The radar is able to distinguish between a wide range of targets such as fixed-wing, rotary-wing and surface targets.

It is one of the few systems designed to handle more than 600 tracks. The Sea Giraffe 1X can be used for C-UAS (Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems) through Enhanced Low, Slow and Small (ELSS) classification. In addition, Sea Giraffe 1X offers comprehensive electronic countermeasures (ECCM) capabilities and is designed with easily adapted interfaces so that this radar solution supports any combat system interface architecture.


Small size, great performance

With a size of 120 x 70 cm, the low weight of less than 150 kilograms and very low power consumption of no more than 2.3 kW (i.e. the power of a household socket) make Sea Giraffe 1X suitable not only for use on smaller vessels and highly manoeuvrable forces, but also as a radar complement on larger vessels. The system operates in X-band and has its own HMI (Human Machine Interface).

Sea Giraffe 1X is based on over 60 years of radar development by Saab and is the perfect choice for navies, amphibious forces and coastguards looking for a system with higher performance and an extremely small logistical footprint. For example, the system has recently been adapted to the CB90 NG (Next Generation) patrol boats. CB90 NG includes a new combat management system and sensors for surveillance, ballistic protection, as well as further improved stealth, manoeuvrability and speed. These patrol boats are designed to swiftly transport marines and other forces.