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Saab Global

Strengthening anti-corruption efforts

2 min read

In 2020, Saab began appointing local Ethics and Compliance Officers to continue strengthening Saab’s anti-corruption work. With these new roles, the preventive efforts will be better adjusted to each business area’s risks, while employees are provided with easier access to advice and support. Susanna Sjösten is newly appointed Ethics and Compliance Officer at Saab’s business area Kockums.

How have you approached the task?

It started with a thorough introduction program along with our central team to gain an understanding for our way of working and the policies and procedures that we must relate to at Saab. After this, I began to define a roadmap for our work here at Kockums. The starting point was to, based on our policies, map out which of our functions are affected. Following this, I initiated meetings with the organisation to learn how we’re working today and the challenges that we face. We’ve also had a dialogue around how I can support the organisation going forward. All of this will be used as a basis for continued training efforts to further increasing the understanding within the organisation.

What challenges do you see with your new role?

The area of responsibility linked to the role concerns many parts of the organisation. It’s really important to adapt the work to our business and our specific prerequisites. It’s a challenge to reach out with messages to all employees concerned in one way or another. Certain situations could potentially have a major effect on our business and therefore it feels ensuring that we have a clear message from our CEO concerning anti-corruption and that I have an open dialogue with my management.