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Saab Global

Technology transfer and industrial cooperation

The Brazilian Gripen Programme involves the joint development and supply of 36 Gripen fighters. This partnership represents the largest export contract in Swedens history and the largest ongoing technology transfer programme in Brazil.


The programme involves the transfer of knowledge to Brazilian companies such as Embraer, AEL Sistemas, Akaer, and Atech, as well as to Saab's subsidiaries in Brazil and the Department of Aerospace Science and Technology (Departamento de Ciência e Tecnologia Aeroespacial - DCTA), through its subordinate institutes.

Engineers and technicians from partner companies are participating in theoretical and practical training at Saab in Linköping, Sweden. The professionals who left Brazil for Sweden are the countries' greatest intangible asset, carrying with them powerful technology and knowledge. The Brazilian technicians, mechanics and engineers will be trained by Saab in a technology transfer programme that will last for approximately 10 years. FAB pilots and technicians are also being trained to operate and maintain the fighter jets in Brazil.

The programme has increased new capacities in the national Defence industry, and some national companies have become part of Saab's global chain by becoming suppliers for the orders placed by Sweden or by other future Gripen E/F operators.

A good example of this is AEL Sistemas, a company from Porto Alegre (RS) that is a beneficiary of the Brazilian Gripen Programme and became one of Saab's main global suppliers in 2018 exporting high-tech cockpit displays to equip new Gripen fighters. All future Gripen E/F orders will have all three displays - Wide Area Display (WAD), Head-up Display (HUD) and Helmet Mounted Display (HMD) developed by AEL Sistemas.