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Saab Global


Saab's offer has now passed all aspects of Canada's fighter procurement evaluation – including interoperability requirements - demonstrationg that Gripen will keep Canada connected to it's partners for many years to come. How does Gripen go above and beyond in this respect? By maximizing both technological interoperability and data control.

What is interoperability? In the Canadian context it has two separate but important components: conformance with international military standards (ex. NATO), and the security of data in compliance with inter-governmental agreements (ex. NORAD).

Gripen has long demonstrated it’s compatibility with international standards and routinely participates in international exercises and NATO missions. The technology that enables interoperability, such as radios and Link 16, are the same as those used in U.S. competitor’s systems. Canadian Gripens will use the same data channels as American and NATO partners, ensuring interconnectedness between allied military forces.

In addition, Canada will have full and exclusive control over Gripen’s secure data – a unique advantage of our offer. The Gripen Centre in Montreal will host all work on the fighter's mission system and Canadians will carry out this work. With the mission system, communications and technical data all hosted in Canada, Gripen exceeds all industrial, security and controlled goods requirements. With Gripen the Royal Canadian Air Force will have maximum control over sensitive data handling.