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Live training

Live Training for Canada

Canada is preparing to upgrade it's Live Training Combat Center with facilities across the country through the Weapons Effect Simulation Modernization program. As the leading supplier of Land Forces Live Training, Saab is committed to offering a concept that fully meets the Canadian Army’s requirements for an interoperable, realistic and cost-effective Live Training and Support solution.

Live Training Canada
Next-generation training for the Canadian Army

We are ready to modernize the Canadian Army’s military training with our next-generation combat training centres, Weapon Effects Simulation System capabilities up to and beyond brigade level.

Our interoperable systems will enable the Canadian Army to perform multinational exercises together with NATO and other key allied nations like Australia and New Zealand.

With customers in more than 30 countries and with our solutions deployed in all climate zones, Saab offers a hi-fidelity, mobile and stationary live training solution. With extensive experience working with NATO and other Canadian allies, we are experts at supporting and integrating Saab systems with legacy systems from a variety of original equipment manufacturers. We are confident that our offer will suit the needs of the Canadian Armed Forces, now and for decades to come.

True realism makes confident soldiers

Live training

Innovative use of technology enables us to offer a training experience closer to reality than anything else on the market. Our training solutions provides realistic simulations that allow individuals to train as they fight, because we believe that the most effective soldier is the one that is best prepared for the battlefield.

Interoperability for international collaboration

Live training

We understand our customers needs to train with other nations. Our Live Training solutions follows NATO standard which enables multinational exercises, which strengthens defence alliances between nations.

Northern Wind exercise

Users of Saab's live training solutions are able to participate at multinational exercises. See the video from the 'Northern Wind’ exercise in Sweden, where more than 10 000 attendees from Sweden, Finland, Norway, United States and United Kingdom participated.

Video - 6:48
Northern Wind

Training Beyond National Borders

Interoperability and cooperation between nations is becoming more common among armed forces around the world. This cooperation empowers the members’ capabilities and effectiveness, a key for efficient cooperation in military training and multinational exercises.

Urban Operations Training

How to train for the unpredictable battelfield

The most effective armed forces in the world train with realistic and immersive solutions. Every level, whether it’s the training scenario, environment or system, needs to reflect authentic battlefield experiences in order to hone combat instincts. The foundation of this is allowing warfighters to train with weapons and equipment that accurately simulate the fit, form and function of their battlefield kit.

Live training

Live Training Solutions

Our live training simulator systems provide everything needed for swift analysis and evaluation of soldier skills and tactical behaviour.

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Training and simulation support

Support where it counts

With our wide knowledge within military training and simulation, we are able to offer the complete training package, witch the included first-class support

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