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RBS15 Family

RBS15 is a highly optimised anti-ship missile with land attack capability, designed to give you the edge to stay ahead in increasingly complex conflict scenarios.


RBS15 in short

With a flight range in excess of 200km, RBS15 is optimised for engagements both in the littoral and blue water. Precise target acquisition supports the RoE decision making process.
RBS15 provides long range target detection and acquisition in all-weathers and has advanced methods for effective target discrimination with the ability to operate in complex environment.
With a large warhead, RBS15 has excellent survivability through a combination of electronic protection, low altitude sea-skimming flight and accurate time-on-target.

Maritime Supremacy

When developing technologies, we focus on smarter solutions and enhanced capabilities. The RBS15 missile family offers the most advanced capabilities that will ensure the Royal Navy are ready and able to counter and engage any scenario, offering a substantial tactical advantage. RBS15 was initially designed to operate in the littoral, but has evolved through numerous iterations to become a true blue water and land attack capability, which can be utilise throughout the world despite adverse environmental conditions.

The optimum choice for the Royal Navy

The Royal Navy will receive a proven, reliable and low risk solution that can be swiftly integrated onto Royal Navy platforms whilst at the same time providing enhanced lethality and superior operational effectiveness than the current system. RBS15 is a true all weather and global capability to meet current and future needs of the Royal Navy, whilst offering unrivalled through life efficiencies.


For over 40 years Saab’s relationship with the UK has empowered defence and security personnel, shared technological developments and helped to keep Britain safe. Saab’s extensive experience of developing advanced technologies for the defence and security sectors has enabled a long-term partnership with the United Kingdom.

Our UK supply chain is made up of nearly 1,000 of the best companies in the industry, across the length and breadth of the country – from prime contractors to SMEs. As a pioneer of innovation, Saab is committed to developing leading-edge technologies and capabilities that drive interoperability and provide the UK with the upper-hand over challenges and adversaries. Our collaboration seeks to bring together the best of British and Swedish engineering.

RBS15 missile journey

Follow RBS15 Gungnir on a mission with our interactive infographic

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Christopher Shepherd

The capability to protect the Royal Navy

Having spent over 20 years as an Anti-Ship Missile Defence and Intelligence specialist in the Royal Navy, I am well versed in the intricacies of surface to surface guided weapons and how they can be defeated. In this role, I can see first-hand the importance of a credible surface to surface guided weapon which can be effectively deployed with confidence at range.

The capability to protect the Royal Navy

The optimal coastal defense solution

Maintenance of territorial security, multinational operations, freedom of navigation, presence of civilian vessels and a long coast line are a few of the challenges facing naval forces tasked with area denial and coastal defense.

The above demands, as well as the need to seamlessly integrate into a national command and control structure or the ability to operate independently at need have driven the development of the RBS15 System.

The optimal coastal defense solution
RBS15 Gungnir

Mission effectivity in complex threat scenarios

As many Naval forces around the world re-assess the need and capability to address more robust threats against technically advanced peer adversaries in potential conflict scenarios, the need for offensive and defensive missile systems to successfully operate and achieve mission objectives in a complex threat environment becomes obvious and extremely important to maintain the strategic advantage.

Mission effectivity in complex threat scenarios