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Brazilian Gripen E


14 January 2022
Meeting Fire and Rescue Service Technology Requirements with a Configurable Approach

Saab offers the Fire Services a new approach to the provision of Control Room Systems through an innovative Configuration Framework

18 November 2021
Saab UK Receives Armed Forces Covenant Gold Award

At a ceremony held at the Honourable Artillery Company on the 17th November 2021 Saab UK received its Gold Covenant Award from the Minister for Defence Procurement.

17 September 2021
Find to Strike – preserving freedom of action by winning the Counterfires Battle

Joint, Combined or even Integrated operations, at any scale which involve kinetic activity, are likely to attract the attention of an adversary’s artillery.  The UK’s Journal of the Royal Artillery carried a prescient article in 2019 entitled “The first duty of any Gunner is Counter-Battery Fire!”, and with the ever-extending ranges and complexity of artillery systems around the world, the problem becomes how to find that high-value, high-payoff target, in order to fulfil that “first duty”.

14 September 2021
Saab’s CB90 Next Generation Combat Boat on the Thames

Travelling for the first time outside of its native Sweden Saab’s Combat Boat 90 NG (CB90), a new generation of this fast assault craft, toured the Thames visiting London landmarks. The combat boat was shown at the DSEI 2021 exhibition taking place at ExCeL London.

6 April 2021
Mission effectivity in complex threat scenarios

As many Naval forces around the world re-assess the need and capability to address more robust threats against technically advanced peer adversaries in potential conflict scenarios, the need for offensive and defensive missile systems to successfully operate and achieve mission objectives in a complex threat environment becomes obvious and extremely important to maintain the strategic advantage.

6 April 2021
The optimal coastal defense solution

Maintenance of territorial security, multinational operations, freedom of navigation, presence of civilian vessels and a long coast line are factors that has driven the development of the RBS15 System.

6 April 2021
The capability to protect the Royal Navy

The Royal Navy has a need to replace a Surface to Surface missile capability, which has been in service for over 30 years. As anti-ship missile and hard kill technologies have evolved, the ability of this system to accurately engage long range surface targets has significantly diminished.

15 December 2020
Saab and Rolls-Royce to research innovative propulsion sensing technology

Saab and Rolls-Royce are undertaking a joint research programme into fibre-optic sensing technologies for aerospace propulsion systems. 

6 November 2020
Darren Sparkes - Director of Public Safety Sales - on why flexibility within capability is key

Police services around the world are facing an increasing wide range of challenges. Examples of these include operational, financial, technological, political and sociological challenges. Our trusted police service are expected to overcome all of these and continue to perform miracles in becoming agile and adaptable in times of enormous and continuous change.

19 July 2019
Partnering on future combat air

The announcement at RIAT 2019 that Sweden, and with it Saab, will partner with the UK and its industry, to scope out a potential joint acquisition programme, is momentous.