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Saab Innovation Network

The Saab UK Innovation Network brings together Saab’s long-term partners in the UK, working together to keep people and society safe. Utilising its thinking edge, Saab provides ground-breaking products and solutions that help protect the UK from the threats of today and tomorrow.

The Innovation Network, centered at Imperial College London’s I-Hub in the White City campus, will be the focal point for our work.

This initial £3.5 million investment will bring together a national university network to strengthen our work at the thinking edge of radar technology, electronic warfare and cybersecurity.

The Hub will reach new areas of the UK’s STEM network, sharing Saab’s advanced expertise with the wealth of world-leading scientists and academics that the UK has to offer.

Saab’s investment in innovation has yielded capabilities such as the Giraffe 1X, a small lightweight high-performing 3D radar that is revolutionising portable radar capability, and the ELSS (Enhanced Low, Slow and Small) function capable of detecting even the smallest UAVs. Saab’s suite of Arexis electronic warfare technologies are also proving themselves to be at a leading edge capability that can jam anti-stealth air defence systems.

Keeping Britain safe through innovation


As a pioneer of innovation, Saab is committed to developing leading-edge technologies and capabilities that give the UK the upper hand over challenges and adversaries. The Innovation Network will also link Saab’s cutting-edge research around radar technology with its ongoing work across the UK, such as at Cranfield University, where Saab has developed the UK’s first Digital Control Tower.

Saab has developed its thinking according to the ‘triple helix’ of innovation – bringing together academia, industry and government to foster economic and social development.

Saab passionately believes that diversity drives innovation and performance. In Sweden and across the world, we are encouraging women into engineering and management roles, doubling the share of women in management positions in 10 years.