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Saab and Centropy investigate new ways of cooling electronics

3 min read

During spring, Saab has engaged in a collaboration with the startup Centropy in order to research new ways of cooling electronics. The first proof-of-concept is now being finalized and findings and lessons learned are now being implemented both in Saab and Centropy.

Centropy is a newly-founded company that Saab came into contact with last year under the umbrella of Saab’s startup collaboration operations. The aim of which is to enhance Saab's ability to utilize small, external, and innovative companies to support our innovation efforts and cultivate future suppliers. At the same time, the small companies benefit from Saab's network and we may serve as their first customer.

The electronic packaging trend, globally as well as for future Saab products, is to dissipate more heat in smaller volumes causing increasing severely higher heat power densities. The goal is, as always, to keep the electronics at a low-enough temperature to achieve a long lifetime and reliability of the components. Centropy develops innovative cooling technology that aims to effectively remove heat. The improved cooling would allow for the manufacture of smaller and lighter electronics with higher performance. Saab regards this as an important field for innovation which drives efforts for more compact designs and effective dissipation of heat.

A central aspect of Saab's collaboration with startups involves carrying out a proof-of-concept project to explore the properties of the technology and test it in Saab's environment in order to determine how it can benefit Saab. The first proof-of-concept is now being finalized and currently evaluating future possibilities to continue the collaboration with Centropy.

Fredrik Kroll, Certified Innovation Manager at Saab and pre-study sponsor, comments:
- “A lesson from the collaboration is the importance of having dedicated and committed individuals, both at the startup and with us – then things move forward faster and better”.

CEO of Centropy Jesper Eman comments:
- “Something highly positive is the Letter of Intent we received from Saab, which has helped us to obtain and seek funding from other sources, such as Vinnova. It is helping us to further develop our product and to rapidly increase the maturity level."

Broaden Saab’s innovation supply

Saab engages in startup collaborations in order to stay competitive, broaden the innovation supply and find new exciting ways to attract talents and develop employees and intrapreneurs. Saab is already successful in collaborations with universities, and startup collaboration is naturally a must for Saab to engage in, given Saabs innovation DNA. Representatives from all over Saab are participating in the startup collaboration team in order to cross-functional evaluate and foster valuable startup collaborations from start to finish. Saab's focus is on identifying faster, more agile ways of working in order to be more congruent with the smaller companies.