The layout of the port with large anchorage areas in front of it, poses a challenging environment. The diverse activities, such as cargo operations, bunkering, storing, crew changes and repairs, can have conflicting traffic patterns.

"Since the port started operating in 1983, we have come a long way, and just scheduling visits and providing administrative assistance is no longer enough", says Capt Mousa Mourad, Managing Director, Port of Fujairah. "The new VTMIS enables our Control Centre to safely handle the increasing and evolving maritime traffic and operations." 

Uniquely located, the Port of Fujairah is the only major port on the east side of the United Arab Emirates that is accessible without sailing the Strait of Hormuz. Over the years, Fujairah has established a position as one of the world’s premier bunkering locations, and one of the major oil storage hubs worldwide.

"After our recent success of the VTMIS for Dubai and our existing installation at DP World in Jebel Ali, this projects further establishes Saab's position in the region in the civilian market.", adds Tomas Hjelmberg, Head of Maritime Traffic Management at Saab.

Dubai-based Elcome International will be the subcontractor responsible for local support of installation, training and maintenance. The system is scheduled to go operational before the start of Q3 in 2020.