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The multi-mission advantage of a single platform

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Safeguarding a nation’s airspace has become increasingly challenging. Threats evolve, adapt and are more difficult to detect. Discovering and countering these threats in real-time is crucial for a nation's defensive ability. Here is how Saab and GlobalEye help nations and their forces to prevail – from above.

To support units, platforms, national and joint forces with the ability to act first with the intended effect, you need the ability to detect, identify and track a wider variety of objects over an extended range in all domains – air, sea, and land. You also require the ability to share this information with relevant parts at different levels of the organization. With GlobalEye AEW&C you can.

Multi-role in a single solution

GlobalEye is an airborne early warning and control system that combines long-range and swing-role surveillance capabilities with a robust multi-role capability. This gives you the unique advantage of an aircraft capable of airborne, maritime, and ground surveillance as well as signals intelligence, simultaneously. GlobalEye can even switch tasks during ongoing missions. All this in one single platform that would normally require three separate platforms to perform these tasks. 

Unique mix of sensors

With a unique mix of modern active and passive sensors, the ability to simultaneously detect and track large number of objects in the air, at sea and over land, and the ability to exchange information in real-time, GlobalEye is well positioned as a strategic resource for both military operations and regular airborne surveillance.

GlobalEye can detect all kinds of airborne targets – ordinary aircraft types of all shapes and sizes, fighters, cruise missiles or helicopters. It also provides a significantly improved ability to detect smaller objects even from great distances, which is a key advantage for identifying new, low-observable aircraft and asymmetric threats.

The aircraft’s fully integrated sensor suite includes the Erieye Extended Range (ER) AESA surveillance radar, an electro-optical (EO) sensor, an EO/IR turret, and an under fuselage maritime radar.

A true and joint picture

The diversity of sensors and the ability to provide secure, real-time exchange of information between co-operating tactical units on land, in the air and at sea, makes GlobalEye a powerful force multiplier. Being the most modern, cutting edge AEW&C solution available on the market today, it makes way for the nation’s air, maritime and ground forces to benefit greatly from having a true and joint picture, allowing them to sustain operations and fulfil missions with the desired effect.

Securing survivability of assets

A decisive factor for a nation's ability to keep its citizens and assets safe is the capability to detect and counter potential threats in time. That is precisely what GlobalEye does. The system’s elevated long-range sensors provide the crucial additional early warning time to make the right decisions should a red conflict scenario occur.

GlobalEye can collect, process and distribute information, not only to the airborne forces available, but to all authorities and assets. It also facilitates effective sharing of information with everyone involved in an operation and can even direct and manage other assets, for instance fighters, and let them know when and where to act.

By being able to discover threats sooner, GlobalEye makes way for faster, more accurate decisions based on secure, real-time exchange of information between co-operating tactical units on land, at sea, and in the air. This first-to-know capability means faster and more agile actions and mission effects. All together ensuring improved survivability of assets.

With its unique mix of modern active and passive sensors GlobalEye can simultaneously detect and track large number of objects in the air, at sea and over land. This, together with its ability to exchange large amounts of information in real-time, makes GlobalEye a strategic resource for military operations as well as regular airborne surveillance missions.

The right asset, in the right place, at the right time

Having the right information means you can make the right decisions. GlobalEye allows national security forces to optimise their actions and maximise their operational performance by acting as a strategic hub, analyzing information and providing the joint perspective, distributing information across the different domains, as well as directing and co-ordinating other national assets. 

Seamless integration with fighters

GlobalEye is designed to enable seamless integration with fighters as well as joint forces. This means that the additional early warning time provided by GlobalEye reduces the need to have fighters on Combat Air Patrol (CAP). Instead, the fighters can stay on the ground – fully prepared and ready to counter any intruder – until they are needed in the air, allowing for a more efficient use of resources.

Integrated self-protection suite

Being a valuable national asset, special mission aircraft such as the GlobalEye AEW&C need to be able to defend themselves in today’s shifting threat environments. Therefore, GlobalEye is also equipped with a cutting-edge passive sensors suite based upon Saab’s newest generation of common core multi-domain EW systems. It includes, for instance, ultra-wide band digital receivers as well as Artificial Intelligence (AI) for robust signal processing and analysis.

In peace, crisis, or war

Today, but perhaps more importantly, in the future, national and global security challenges require awareness, based on access to and provision of timely and correct information, to be in the armoury of national authorities in order to maintain peace and stability. GlobalEye is the only AEW&C solution on the market today that can provide such long-range air, sea and land surveillance in real time from a single platform. This means it can effectively and continuously support national defence and comprehensive security by providing government and military forces with real-time information – whether in times of peace, crisis, or war.

GlobalEye – key to joint mission effect

The capabilities offered by the GlobalEye AEW&C aircraft are particularly valuable for forces likely to be counteracted by challenges from a larger adversary. In such situations, GlobalEye’s ability to create, maintain, and continuously update the air, sea and ground situational pictures and share them with friendly forces is key to enhancing the effectiveness of all resources engaged and ensuring a higher level of joint mission effect.