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Gripen jet fighter at a dispersed airbase somewhere in Sweden.

Gripen's Efficient Support Solutions

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When it comes to Gripen support and maintenance, cost-effectiveness and efficiency are two very important keywords. The goal is to make sure the Gripen operator can support the fleet with minimum resources and available facilities.

When Gripen was conceptualised, Sweden was looking for a fighter that could protect its airspace and perform multiple roles including air-to-air, air-to-ground, and reconnaissance missions. Due to Sweden's small defence budget, it was clear that the fighter had to offer a low life cycle cost, which is why a unique support solution that allowed for minimum logistic footprint was designed.

It's because of Gripen's smart support system that the fighter can be made ready for an air-to-air combat in less than ten minutes. Even an engine change or a complex avionic equipment replacement can be completed in less than an hour. Very few conscripts and required for a turnaround. The need for fewer technicians and facilities means higher availability.

Also, Gripen’s auxiliary power unit enables self-sufficiency in terms of fuel. The support system has been kept so simple and efficient that everything required by two Gripen fighters on a two week mission can fit in a standard 20 feet container.

Furthermore, Saab’s Deployable Maintenance Facility (DAM), which offers functions exactly like that of stationary infrastructure, but at a fraction of cost, also enables an operator to deploy fighter aircraft from anywhere.

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