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Gripen Support

Gripen's smart support solution is the most efficient and flexible on the fighter market, inherent in the aircraft system design from the very beginning. This unique feature gives Gripen an unprecedented advantage and cost effectiveness.
Techician on Gripen
Gripen C

Key features


Availability – today, tomorrow, together

Gripen's high availability is ensured by the support friendly system design with supportability in focus and inherent from the very beginning. The result is low maintenance requirements and extensive testability in any operational or support environments.

The smart system design enables modular and flexible distribution of capabilities allowing rapid deployment of both long and short-term missions with a minimal logistic footprint. Smart thinking in every single stage of Gripen's design process targeted key cost drivers important for reliability, maintainability and testability. This is why the Gripen system packs unprecedented cost efficiency in every single stage of the life cycle.

Baltic Air Policing 2019 - Czech Air Force
The multi-function “fishing rod” is a typical example of a smart solution.

Gripen's smart and flexible maintenance and support concept can be tailored to each customer's specific ambitions, capabilities and requirements. Scalable and modular from ad-hoc to full availability based support, your choice.

Supportable by innovation

Gripen's support solution has been carefully set-up to support the system's main objective; maximum operational aircraft availability and mission reliability.

The unique approach to problem solving is centred around the solution's operational effect and includes, not only close cooperation between supply chain stakeholders, but also clearly defined responsibilities to ensure maximum efficiency at all times. This innovative thinking has resulted in the following built-in features, which are key to Gripen's superior supportability:

  • High availability and mission reliability
  • Minimal logistic footprint
  • Quick replacement of LRUs
  • On-condition based maintenance philosophy
  • Multinational co-operation
  • Multinational support organisation
  • Efficient supply chain management

A multi-role aircraft needs a multi-role support

True multi-role and swing role capability makes every Gripen aircraft able to solve any operational task independently. Hence, it's up to the support concept to enable this capability. Influenced by a number of factors such as operational concept, cost effectiveness, security of supply, available facilities and individual customer's aspirations of autonomy, you could label Gripen's support concept as true multi-role support.

DAM - Deployable Maintenance Facility - Hungarian Air Force
Saab's Deployable Maintenance Facility.

In use

The Gripen fighter is or will be in service with:

  • Czech Republic
  • Hungary
  • South Africa
  • Sweden
  • Thailand
  • UK Test Pilots' School
  • Brazil
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Explore the Gripen Support Solution virtually

Gripen's smart support solution is an extremely efficient concept, able to provide high operational availability, rapid deployment and comprehensive airpower.

Baltic Air Policing 2019 - Czech Air Force

Did you know....

Gripen's smart and inherent supportability means that an air-to air combat turnaround, including re-fueling and re-arming, can be done in less than ten minutes, using only one technician and five conscript mechanics (only ten weeks of training necessary).

  • Gripen's engine can be replaced in less than one hour.
  • Gripen's hot re-fueling capability means it can leave the engine running while refueling.
  • Two Gripen aircraft on a two week mission requires only what fits in a standard 20 feet container.
hour to change the engine

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Gripen C

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