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Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control (A-SMGCS)

Saab’s A-SMGCS is a proven, high performance and standards-compliant system that provides surveillance on the airport surface and on approach. It enhances a controller’s ability to manage airport traffic in all visibility and weather conditions.

Key features

Turnkey solution – includes a full suite of cooperative sensors (MLAT, ADS-B, Vehicle Tracking) and non-cooperative sensors (SMR)
Full compliance with international standards – complies with the most demanding ICAO, SESAR, EUROCONTROL and EUROCAE standards for A-SMGCS
Advanced tracking and safety net algorithms – tracks every target, slow or high maneuvering, resulting in high probability of detection and low false alarm rate

Airport safety and efficiency under all conditions

Saab’s A-SMGCS comprises all the expected elements of a high-end A-SMGCS system, as defined by EUROCONTROL and EUROCAE. This includes HMI, Surveillance, Airport Safety Support, Routing, and Guidance.

Saab’s A-SMGCS HMI provides the controller with a clear picture of movements on the airport surface and in the approach volume. It presents viewable maps, tracks, labels, safety alert indicators, as well as system status. Multiple traffic windows can be presented concurrently. Flight information is presented in the form of labels and flight lists, such as arrival or departure lists. A “strip-less” mode of operation is supported through interaction with labels and lists. A key CWP capability is its adaptability, based on controller roles, areas of responsibility and user profiles.

Saab A-SMGCS is a turnkey solution supplied with Saab’s own sensors, including MLAT, SR-3 SMR, and -VL-1090 Vehicle Tracker. It can also integrate existing ground and approach surveillance sensors and external trackers. Advanced tracking algorithms provide a high quality track output with very low rates of false alarms.

Saab A-SMGCS meets or exceeds the alert capabilities defined by EUROCONTROL and EUROCAE. Saab’s approach to safety nets relies on good quality target tracking and a flexible scheme that is adaptable to requirements of specific sites.

Saab’s Routing function automatically calculates a route for each inbound or outbound aircraft based on parameters such as runway configuration and other constraints. The Routing output is used by the Guidance function to guide an aircraft along its route.

Saab’s Guidance is based on “Follow the Greens” principles – it guides an aircraft through a cleared route to the line-up or parking destination by turning the taxiway centre line lights and stop-bars on or off. It takes into account other traffic and separation and timing constraints.

The A-SMGCS architecture builds on the modular and scalable Integrated ATC Suite (I-ATS) platform. An A-SMGCS only deployment can easily scale to the full set of I-ATS surface safety and tower automation capabilities.


Did you know...

Saab’s A-SMGCS is in operation in over 100 airports throughout the world, including in the United States (at the 45 largest airports), Europe, Asia, Australia and South America.

  • Saab has over 25 years of experience in deploying A-SGMCS
  • The first Saab A-SMGCS to be deployed in the US was at the General Mitchell International Airport in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in October 2003, as part of the FAA’s Area Surveillance Detection Equipment-X (ASDE-X) program.
  • Saab’s A-SMGCS is a flexible solution that can grow with an airport and integrate with other systems such as Saab’s Aerobahn Collaborative Decision Making Suite.


Per Ahl
CEO Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions

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