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Integrated ATC Suite (I-ATS)

Saab’s I-ATS is a next-generation solution that builds on widely deployed ATC automation products. I-ATS is a flexible and scalable platform that provides tower and approach controllers with a comprehensive set of tools to safely and efficiently manage traffic flow.

Key features

Modular scalable platform - based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) concepts. Can be used for any size airport as well as for Digital Towers.
Standardized, role-based CWP – unified HMI look and feel adapted to user and role. Highly adaptable screens layout.
Future ready – meets applicable SESAR, EUROCONTROL, EUROCAE, ICAO A-SMGCS and tower automation standards.

Take your operation to the next level

I-ATS’ design is based on Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) concepts, resulting in a common platform of services that can be tailored to large or small towers as well as approach.

I-ATS can be deployed as a number of different products that may include some or all of the I-ATS capabilities. Examples of such products include the full Integrated Tower, A-SMGCS and Electronics Flight Strips. The architecture allows for an easy upgrade path from a partial implementation (e.g. EFS only) to the full set of I-ATS capabilities.

HMI Solutions for Seamless Operations

Key to I-ATS is a common, highly configurable Controller Working Position that enhances situational awareness and reduces controller workload. The HMI has been developed in close cooperation with end users, with a primary focus placed on ease of use, improved situational awareness and reduced controller workload. The Saab CWP consists of a configurable number of displays, some with multi-touch capability.

Integrated ATC
Saab’s Traffic Display provides the controller with a clear picture of movements on the airport surface and on approach, in full compliance with EUROCONTROL and EUROCAE.
Integrated ATC
Saab’s EFS is an intuitive, highly configurable display that automates controller workflows for any tower, large or small.
Integrated ATC
Saab’s GID consists of a number of HMI components that represent various environmental systems and give the user an overview of the airport’s operating conditions.

Did you know...

We are a global leader in providing automation solutions with a proven track record of more than half of A-SMGCS systems worldwide.

  • I-ATS also easily integrates with Saab CDM and flow management tools such as Saab’s Aerobahn Surface Manager (SMAN) and Departure Manager (DMAN)
  • I-ATS provides foundational technologies for Saab's Digital Tower Solutions, enabling ANSPs to use a common solution across traditional towers and remote/digital towers.
  • The I-ATS tools can be deployed together or in pieces. The ATC Suite supports 3rd party tools and can easily integrate airport legacy systems.
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