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Airport Vehicle Tracking

Saab offers two vehicle tracking solutions. The VL-1090 provides instant visibility of mobile assets to ATC on any airport surface equipped with an MLAT or ADS-B surface surveillance system. The VL-4G provides mobile asset tracking data using commercial cellular networks in an even more compact outdoor-rated form-factor and opens the door to a variety of safety and efficiency tools.

Safety and Efficiency for Mobile Airport Assets

The VL-1090 offers full compliance with industry standards, providing visibility to 1090 MHz-based airport surveillance systems in use around the globe.
The VL-1090’s power and communications are combined via its USB-C interface, with an accessory port for smart devices available on the included adapter module.
The VL-1090 and VL-4G are both protected by IP67 enclosures and allow for permanent or temporary installation options.

Saab’s VL-1090 operates by transmitting its location on 1090 MHz directly to cooperative surface surveillance systems at an airport. This means that air traffic controllers at airports equipped with modern cooperative surveillance systems can see these vehicles on their displays immediately.  Also, transmitting ASD-B data on 1090 MHz means these trackers are not only detected by ADS-B receivers but by MLAT surveillance as well.

Installation and configuration are extremely simple and flexible thanks to its USB-C interface and on-board configuration.  The VL-1090 adapter provides power to the VL-1090 squitter unit itself and can be hardwired into a vehicle’s power system or connected a 12V DC automobile “cigarette lighter” USB-C adapter.  A smart device can be connected via the adapter’s accessory port and used to access the configuration interface which is hosted on the unit.

Saab’s VL-4G sends its GPS-based position data to any server or application configured to receive and process that data, for example asset tracking software or Saab’s own industry leading CDM tools suite, Aerobahn.

The data provided by the VL-4G transits commercial cellular networks and does not necessarily utilize any airport or FAA infrastructure, which offers a great deal of flexibility and independence to the user.  A number of safety and efficiency capabilities are available based on this easily integrated data

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Detect the Difference

Saab has been providing capable and reliable vehicle tracking technology around the world for over 11 years.

  • VL-1090 is compliant with the relevant internationally accepted standards and certifications, such as DO-260B, DO-181C, ICAO Annex 10; EN, UL, CAN/CSA, IEC, FCC, and CE.
  • The VL-4G can provide critical asset tracking data as an input to the market’s leading Collaborative Decision Making tools suite, Saab’s Aerobahn platform.

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