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Arexis electronic warfare solution

Saab’s Arexis Electronic Warfare (EW) suite delivers crucial situational awareness. Whether fully integrated on-board an aircraft, in a missionised pod, or as payload on an unmanned vehicle, it gives unrivalled defensive and offensive electronic warfare capabilities.

Key features

Superior situational awareness in a complex signal environment with high-power gallium nitride GaN Active Electronically Scanned Arrays (AESAs).
Unrivalled self-protection in every direction with state-of-the-art ultra-wideband receivers and Digital Radio Frequency Memories (DRFMs).
Capable of neutralising the Anti Access/Area Denial (A2/AD) bubble with support and escort jamming of modern anti-stealth radars.

Armed with confidence

Some years ago, Saab set out on a mission to create the smartest Electronic Warfare solution available for fighter aircraft. We aimed for a unique best-of-breed solution that would provide a complete package of unrivalled survivability, superior situational awareness, freedom to act and a safe return home. So that fighter pilots, when setting out on missions, will be more than confident to come out on top.

Up to the task

Demands on modern Electronic Warfare equipment for fighters are very high. In order to successfully fulfil missions in an increasingly complex signal environment, being reactive is not enough – being pro-active is a must.

Arexis solution gives the ability to detect and stay ahead of all possible threats. Today and in the future. By combining the very latest in self-protection and Electronic Attack, Arexis makes the fighter more than ready to counter any threats. Letting the pilot focus on the task at hand, ensuring that the missions will be successful.

Gripen EW Arexis

Your invisible wingman

Confidence in the aircraft's capability and the systems available is crucial to the fighter pilot's ability to succeed in the mission. With Arexis on board you can rest assured that whatever happens there will always be someone with you watching your back, ready to counter any obstacles coming in the way – pre-emptively or reactively. Making sure that pilots and aircraft can make a safe return to base.


Proven and selected by Gripen E/F

With its long history of serving some of the most advanced fighter aircraft from around the world, the latest generation of Arexis have been proven and selected for Gripen E/F.

The result is a fighter fitted with unrivalled survivability, superior situational awareness and a freedom to act that makes it more than ready for whatever comes its way both today and in the future. Integration of Electronic Warfare equipment on fighters is often a very complex task. However, with Arexis it doesn’t have to be. It is featuring smart software and high-tech modular components with small footprint in a proven and tested architecture and makes a perfect fit on any fighter.

Arexis is tested, proven and fully financed. With a growing customer base, costs for future upgrades and maintenance will be reduced, resulting in lower life-cycle costs. If you want your fighters to be ready for whatever comes their way, Arexis makes sure you leave nothing to chance.

Clear to engage

Knowing exactly what is going on around you is crucial. The modular Arexis radar warner offers the full picture of the situation, not only to the aircrew, but also over the network. In a contested environment, it is the difference of being able to engage or being forced to abort. The superior situational awareness provides the tactical edge you need to secure mission success, self-protection of the platform, and safety of the pilot. Arexis is the solution to expand the concept of the platform protection, to provide not only survivability, but to enable offensive operations within the range of hostile air defence systems. With Arexis on board all information collected by the fighter and all other available sensors are linked, processed and presented in a way that gives unprecedented awareness and the readiness needed to act with high accuracy.


The deceptive advantage

The ability to stay undetected when entering enemy airspace is vital for any fighter mission. Arexis’ advanced escort jamming capabilities lets you create a tactical advantage by actively disturbing, deceiving and misleading your adversaries. A true force multiplier providing the window of opportunity you and your team need to successfully fulfil your mission.

In a fast-changing environment, the Arexis pod rapidly enables the full protection and offensive capabilities to a full fleet. With Arexis’s highly sophisticated Artificial Intelligence (AI), a minimum of attention is required from the busy aircrew.

Protecting high-value assets, the Arexis air-launched decoy can deceive a wide range of threats.The controls in the Arexis Air-Launched Decoy (SPEAR-EW) together with its network connectivity will detect and suppress the threats, keeping other high-value assets safe.

Gripen E

Did you know...

... that the first generation radar warner was installed on a Saab 32 Lansen more than 60 years ago?

  • Arexis can be fitted to all fighters and is easy to integrate due to a highly modular design.
  • Is a fully financed, in serial production, modular system ready to be installed in a wide range of platforms.
  • State of the art ultra-wideband digital receivers and DRFMs.
  • State of the art Signal Processing identifies and locates all emitters in real-time, creating superior situational awareness.
Years since the installation of the first generation radar warner

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