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Carl-Gustaf system

The Carl-Gustaf® recoilless rifle is a man-portable, multi-role weapon system that allows dismounted soldiers to effectively deal with multiple challenges on the modern battlefield. Adaptable and flexible, the system is constantly evolving to satisfy future user and market needs.

Key features

Lightweight, robust, reliable, effective and easy to use
Tactical flexibility through a wide range of ammunition
Combat proven system

Technical specifications  
Weight ~ 7 kg
Length< 1 m
SightsOpen sight, red dot sight, telescopic sight and advanced fire control device
AmmunitionAnti-armour, anti-structure, anti-personnel, support
One weapon. Any task.
Soldier with Carl-Gustaf M4 and FCD 558
Soldier with Carl-Gustaf M4 and FCD 558
Soldier loading Carl-Gustaf M4 with HE 448. Soldier with AT4 in the background
One weapon. Any task.
Increased tactical flexibility…
Multi-purpose system

Ever-changing targets require a flexible, multi-purpose system. The Carl-Gustaf provides the effectiveness soldiers need to shut the enemy down before they can react in all environments. Having this single-weapon system for all situations increases tactical flexibility while reducing the amount of equipment to carry.

Programmable ammunition ready…
Advanced technology at your fingertips

Compatibility with programmable ammunition and advanced fire control devices provides greater accuracy and faster responses, empowering soldiers to achieve their objectives swiftly and safely, and with confidence in the equipment.

A complete package…
Carl-Gustaf system features

The Carl-Gustaf system is a complete package of:

  • Weapon
  • Sights
  • Ammunition
  • Training
  • Support

Carl-Gustaf M4 - Setting the standards

The Carl-Gustaf weapon system is designed to give troops the tactical advantage in any combat scenario, including neutralising armoured tanks, enemy troops in defilade, clearing obstacles and engaging enemies in buildings.

Following decades of innovation, the combat-proven Carl-Gustaf weapon system has evolved. The Carl-Gustaf M4 offers tactical advantages over its predecessors. Speed and manoeuvrability can be the difference between life and death. The M4 is shorter than one meter and weighs less than seven kilos, so troops can react faster while remaining agile.

Compatibility with advanced fire control device systems and programmable ammunition ensures your forces have the most advanced technology at their fingertips. At the same time, the M4 weapon is backward-compatible with all legacy Carl-Gustaf ammunition.

Maximum effect and flexibility with a range of sights

The Carl-Gustaf M4 can be fitted with a wide range of sights to ensure maximum effect in any tactical situation and flexibility for the user. The system is attached with standard clip-on telescopic sight, with additional options, including open sight, red dot sight and advanced fire control devices, available.

Saab is committed to ongoing innovative development of the Carl-Gustaf system to ensure your troops remain highly agile and always one step ahead of the enemy.

448 and 558
Stay one step ahead

For critical missions where every second counts, our Fire Control Device (FCD) 558 has soldiers covered. No range knobs and built-in ballistics data for all Carl-Gustaf ammunition allow rapid reloading and adjustment, and improved sensors for temperature and air pressure, along with optical and night capability, give ground forces the advantage in every scenario.   


Our HE 448 ammunition is a force to be reckoned with, providing increased efficiency and greater accuracy. The multi-role fuse can be used in impact mode to destroy soft-skinned vehicles and other semi-hardened targets, or in airburst mode to allow neutralisation of infantry in the open or in open trenches.

Video - 00:58

Defeat the enemy quickly and accurately with precision ammunition

Carl-Gustaf ammunition is designed to achieve your forces’ goal of defeating the enemy faster, with pinpoint accuracy and adaptability, while keeping soldiers safe and saving lives.

Every munition for Carl-Gustaf has a calibre of 84 mm, meaning each one is compatible with every version of the weapon. Our varied range covers all potential enemy targets. Effectively destroy structures or vehicles with anti-armour, anti-tank and anti-structure munition, and neutralise infantry in the open with our anti-personnel range. For additional support on the battlefield, illumination lights up tactical areas during night-time operations, and instant smoke provides an effective tool for blinding and screening targets.

Advanced skills training for Carl-Gustaf

Carl-Gustaf training systems offer advanced skills training using sub-calibre and full-calibre target practice rounds within indoor and outdoor simulators to ensure all training requirements are met.

The weapon is delivered in a case along with the necessary accessories. This includes a maintenance kit, spares and tools, packed in carrying bags to enable daily maintenance and initial repair during lengthy operations.

Carl-Gustaf Outdoor simulator
Carl-Gustaf Outdoor simulator

Carl-Gustaf around the world

Carl-Gustaf M4 with FCD 558 and Thermis II MR

Did you know...

The Carl-Gustaf system has a long and distinguished history, which stretches back to 1948. Here are some interesting facts about the system you may not already know.

  • Every munition for Carl-Gustaf® has a calibre of 84mm, this means every munition is compatible with every version of the weapon
  • The name "Carl-Gustaf" originates from the factory where the first version of Carl-Gustaf® was manufactured
  • The weight of Carl-Gustaf® M4 is less than half the weight of the M2 version
Carl-Gustaf has been sold to more than 40 countries around the world.

Know you have what it takes

Explore our stories with the Carl-Gustaf® system.
Dismounted soldier loads Carl-Gustaf M4 with HE 448
Dismounted soldier loads Carl-Gustaf M4 with HE 448

Accuracy meets simplicity

A new high-explosive round and a sophisticated fire control device have made our Carl-Gustaf® system more effective than ever, while maintaining the ease of use that gunners love.

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Soldier with Carl-Gustaf M4 and FCD 558 and thermal sight.

The power of communication

Developed with the help of customer feedback, Saab’s HE 448 round and FCD 558 fire control device for the Carl-Gustaf® system combine to solve even more battlefield challenges.

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