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The Carl-Gustaf® system is an unparalleled and supremely successful solution to the challenges faced by ground forces. The man-portable, multi-role weapon system allows dismounted soldiers to deal with multiple challenges on the modern battlefield.

Key features

Tactical flexibility through the wide range of ammunition types
Combat proven system
Lightweight, robust, reliable, effective and easy to use

More than half a century of excellence

Carl-Gustaf M4

Dismounted troops and special forces face a broader range of challenges than ever before. Having a single weapon system for all situations increases tactical flexibility while reducing the amount of equipment to carry.

Our Carl-Gustaf® is designed for many missions. Light and ruggedised, this multipurpose capability provides freedom of action for the soldier in all environments.

Carl-Gustaf M4
Carl-Gustaf M4
There is a suitable type of ammunition for most advanced operation, making Carl-Gustaf® the best multipurpose system around.

With its comprehensive range of ammunition, Carl-Gustaf® can adapt to any advanced operation, making it the best multipurpose system around.

Crew-operated, man-portable and multi-mission, the solution is flexible towards anything that is thrown at it. The combat-proven, easy to operate and train with Carl-Gustaf® system is a friend to the user and forceful foe to the enemy.

The globally combat-proven Carl-Gustaf® weapon has evolved. The M4 is equipped for modern conflicts while offering compatibility with future innovations.

Carl-Gustaf M4

Smart just got smarter

The man-portable, multipurpose M4 provides extreme tactical flexibility through its varied ammunition range. The reusable weapon is ready for any situation, including close combat, neutralising armoured tanks, enemy troops in defilade, clearing obstacles and engaging enemies in buildings.

For today and tomorrow’s challenges

Built with the future in mind, our M4 is compatible with intelligent sighting systems and programmable ammunition, ensuring that your forces have the most advanced technology at their fingertips. At the same time, the M4 weapon is backward compatible with all legacy Carl-Gustaf® ammunition.

Speed and manoeuvrability can be the difference between life and death. M4 is shorter than one meter and weighs less than seven kilos, so troops can react faster while remaining agile.

Carl-Gustaf M4
Carl-Gustaf M4

Did you know...

The Carl-Gustaf® system has a long and distinguished history, which stretches back to 1948. Here are some interesting facts about the system you may not already know.

  • Every munition for Carl-Gustaf® has a calibre of 84mm, this means every munition is compatible with every version of the weapon
  • The name "Carl-Gustaf" originates from the factory where the first version of Carl-Gustaf® was manufactured
  • The weight of Carl-Gustaf® M4 is less than half the weight of the M2 version
Carl-Gustaf has been sold to more than 40 countries around the world.

Stories from the battlefield

Explore our customers experiences with the Carl-Gustaf® system.
US department of defense

“The capability that the Carl-Gustaf brought to play was a game changer”

For Sergeant Raymond Miller of the US Army’s 82nd Airborne Division, the Carl-Gustaf system has been a game changer during operations.

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Head of Marketing and Sales

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