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Using submarines as targets in Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) training is expensive and an inefficient use of an expensive operational asset that is often not available to support training.

The best-in-class ASW trainer

AUV62-AT is operated by a growing number of navies worldwide who see the operational and cost benefits of an advanced at-sea ASW training system. The system can be used as a target for training surface, air and sub-surface ASW assets in any combination and can be programmed to deliver all levels of training from basic to advanced.  The complexity of training is set by the trainer thereby allowing the trainer to manage training development of the ASW teams.

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Train as you fight

Exercise scenarios can be constructed using the mission planning system and tailored to meet the specific requirements of the teams under training. Missions are downloaded to the vehicle prior to exercise start. The target uses a transducer tail to mimic the acoustic profile of a submarine, these profiles can be varied in complexity and submarine type again tailoring the training to meet the training requirement.

The target delivers both active and passive signatures delivering end to end ASW training from initial detection, through tracking to engagement and allows ASW torpedo firings to be conducted.

Possibly the most valuable feature of the system is the post exercise analysis that it performs on completion of the training. This is able to determine how the exercise was conducted and can be used to debrief the ASW teams receiving the training.


Did you know...

Saab's AUV62-AT is a cost efficent solution for anti-submarine warfare training. Here are some interesting facts you may not already know about the system.

  • It can take 150 sailors to operate a submarine but only 2 to operate AUV62-AT
  • AT stands for Acoustic Target
  • AUV62-AT is a development of the Saab Type 62 Torpedo
AUV62-AT during exercise for anti-submarine warfare training

ASW training perfected

With navies around the world upgrading their submarine programs, effective anti-submarine warfare (ASW) measures are also needed. Training for ASW missions can be a costly process, but the innovative AUV62-AT training solution is an effective alternative to a real submarine.

ASW training perfected

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Johan Strandlund
Head of Marketing & Sales


Leaflet in pdf for view or download:
9 November 2020

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