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Secure Mission Critical 5G/LTE Network-On-Demand providing high-capacity bandwidth in an end-to-end solution built for the most challenging environments.

Key features

Deployable and scalable 5G/LTE wireless network
Fast, reliable and secure voice and data communication
Mission-ready with highest level of cyber security

Speed is everything

In the event of a disaster, armed conflict or other similar challenges, fast and secure communication is key. But what if the communication infrastructure is destroyed, limited or non-existent? How to ensure you can act at full speed?

Speed as in rapid deployment of your own broadband network. Speed as in complete setup within minutes. Speed as in bandwidth that allows for transfer of large amounts of speech, data and video.

The answer is DeployNet, a scalable, ruggedised, compact 5G/LTE network solution with fast access to cyber secured high-speed connectivity – wherever you are, whenever you need it.

Mission-ready 5G/LTE

DeployNet is a mission-ready deployable tactical 5G/LTE infrastructure providing a wireless network with high-capacity bandwidth in a flexible end-to-end solution built for the most challenging environments. Designed for continuous high-speed connectivity it provides immediate access to information, enhanced situational awareness, improved decision making and greater speed of communication.

At the edge of connectivity

Today’s missions require more secure, reliable, high-speed voice, video, and data communications and the capability to share huge amounts of sensor data.

Developed utilising proven civil technology and in close co-operation with a world leading telecoms partner, DeployNet delivers the capabilities required to ensure connectivity at the operational edge.

Highest level of cyber security

With today’s rapidly evolving technologies, the asymmetric threat from the cyber dimension poses a threat to any network, in particular a fixed, open system. This threat may be to the availability of connectivity, integrity of the information communicated and to the confidentiality of the data transferred and stored; DeployNet is designed to counter such threats utilising Saab’s extensive expertise in military cyber security.

End-to-end turn-key solution

DeployNet is a true end-to-end, turn-key solution that provides mobility and rapid deployment, to enable geographic scalability and local reinforcement of network capacity in cases of limited or damaged existing communication infrastructure.

Deployable and ruggedised

The compact and lightweight design allows for easy transportation and rapid deployment allowing quick set-up and operation with minimal training. Through ruggedisation to military standards DeployNet can be operated in the harshest environments and conditions.

Multi-scenario use

DeployNet is a modern communication system with the ability to facilitate advantages in all scenarios, for instance:

  • Base security/Command posts
  • Search and Rescue
  • Exploration
  • Peace keeping operations
  • Soldier mission training
  • Crisis management
  • Reconnaissance
  • Situational awareness

Scalable and cost efficient

DeployNet is scalable, both in terms of user numbers and system range to provide a network for up to 10,000 connected users with a typical operation area of 100 km2 per system (multiple frequency bands available).The system is designed for cost effectiveness through reduced inefficiencies with other networks, interoperability with existing systems and future-proofed upgradable technology.


Did you know…

…that DeployNet can manage up to 10,000 active clients, utilising ruggedised phones, laptops or tablets.

  • DeployNet offers reliable, high-speed voice, video, and the capability to share huge amounts of sensor data
  • DeployNet is scalable up to a total of 10,000 connected devices
  • DeployNet has a typical operation area of 100 km2 per system
connected users per system

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Jacob Thorstensen
Senior Marketing and Sales Director

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