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Tactical Electronics

Rapid and reliable information networks are essential for today's highly mobile and dynamic military operations. Vehicle-mounted information technology is changing the battlefield, providing capabilities vital to keep a tactical advantage.

Key features

Rugged – built beyond standards
Heavily shielded – emit nothing but information
Low physical footprint - optimised for confined spaces

Another level of rugged

We offer a wide range of rugged vehicle electronics (Vetronics). High performance solutions which meet the harsh environmental requirements on the battlefield while keeping lifecycle costs to a minimum.

Whether your need is minimum space or maximum capability, we provide a rugged system that meets your exact application and secures your operational capabilities.

Saab's vision enhancement system

Military vehicle-mounted cameras and displays need to be rugged for use in the most extreme environmental conditions including vibration, shock, humidity and temperature. More than 340 vehicles in the Norwegian Armed Forces are equipped with our vision enhancement system. Sergeant Chris Mikkelsen from the Norwegian Army is one of its users.

Video - 01:23

Tailored to succeed

Our extensive product portfolio allows for tailoring a solution to suit your needs. We have the experience and expertise to assist you, whether you want to upgrade a single component in an existing 4 x 4, or design a complete vehicle electronic system for a whole fleet of new APC:s.

Our philosophy in vehicle integration of Rugged Vetronics is quite simple. Every component and every function is based on a common, expandable and scalable architecture. Seamlessly integrated, all sub-systems and elements understand each other and share hardware and network structures.

The advantages are obvious: any kind of information can be directed to any user. So several users can share real-time information and you can also, for instance, show HUMS data, camera images and BMS data on the same screen.

The systems are modular and scaleable, so if for instance you need to upgrade computers, sensors or displays in the future, the same cabling and fixtures can be utilised, saving time and money in the process.

Modular TSS

When the going gets tough

Saab Vetronics equipment does not need external dampening or to be suspended in wires to survive shocks inside a wheeled or tracked vehicle. Bolt it directly to the metal and it will survive, even directly attached to the gun-barrel of a grenade launcher thanks to its solid design.

All equipment is prepared for use in the most extreme environmental conditions, including vibration, shock, humidity, moisture, temperature and EMI.
Rugged Camera System

Situational awareness save lives

Situational awareness on the battlefield is essential to survive. Without a clear grasp of the tactical situation, a vehicles weapon systems and armour is irrelevant.

At least as important as the tactical situation is the safety of anyone moving in the vicinity of the vehicle. Be it war or peace, no driver ever wants to risk hurting his fellow servicemen while manoeuvring.

Our rugged camera systems enhances the situational awareness of the driver and adds a layer of security when operating vehicles with poor line of sights. The extremely low latency system makes it possible to drive in high speed and even darkness using IR.

Vetronics in a Patria vehicle
Mounted soldiers may use the system to obtain visuals on what is happening outside and beyond the vehicle before deploying.

Get the big picture using a small footprint

Forces involved in mission-critical operations must be able to respond with agility to secure the distribution information throughout the command structure, all the way to the outermost nodes in their network – the soldiers in the field. Vetronics is a vital part of such capability. In order to suit the confined spaces of military vehicles, the size, weight and power requirements of these systems must be minimised while functionality and performance remains optimised.

In addition, as our displays and systems do not rely on external dampening or cooling systems, they can be placed wherever needed, saving valuable space inside vehicles. It is also possible to reduce the number of installed units as the flexible design allows information from other systems to be integrated and displayed on the same screen, eliminating the need for multiple displays.

Emit nothing but information

Modern digital communications systems can be sensitive to interference of nearby electronic equipment. All Saab Vetronic equipment is heavily shielded and will not affect or degrade the performance of other systems installed in the vehicle, nor is it sensitive to external interference.

Built beyond standards
Gunner station - Trackfire
Built beyond standards
9Land BMS in Patria New vehicle offer
Built beyond standards
Prepared for the most extreme environmental conditions

The Saab military electronics product range is prepared for use in the most extreme environmental conditions including vibration, shock, humidity, moisture, temperature and EMI.

Qualified to applicable military standards

The equipment is qualified according to applicable military standards including MIL-STD-810G and MIL-STD-461F to handle a wide range of operating and storage temperatures.

Designed for perfect fit

Being a systems integrator, we design all individual components to exceed Mil-specs in order to meet our committed system specs.

The main design features are military-standard connectors, climatically sealed housing, easy maintenance, few parts and low power requirement. All products are also prepared for future functionality and provide instant start-up.

Built beyond standards

Did you know...

Our rugged camera systems provide virtually no latency, enabling high speed driving and remote control of critical systems. Here are some interesting facts about our tactical electronics solutions that you may not already know.

  • Enables driving and operation in total darkness
  • Any camera can be viewed on any display on the network
  • Thanks to our compression and distribution technology it is possible to share network with other systems

Stories from the field

A soldier carries a lot of equipment and many times deploy missions with heavy load. To adapt is a matter of life-and-death, and efficiency for the soldier as well as systems for managing and monitoring the battlefield are therefore crucial.

Efficient and Superior Soldier in the Field

Today’s soldiers are facing complex and shifting tasks and scenarios in an environment that constantly changes. Flexibility and readiness for different assignments becomes increasingly critical to mission success. By utilizing modern technology for soldier systems soldiers are supported in conducting their task.

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