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Electronic Flight Strips (EFS)

Saab’s EFS is a proven, reliable, state-of-the-art electronic flight-progress strip system. EFS assists users in managing traffic workflows safely and efficiently on the ground and on approach. Saab’s EFS can also be delivered as part of Saab’s Digital Tower or Saab’s Integrated ATC Suite.

Key features

Intuitive, user-friendly HMI – action button to move strips between bays and/or drag and drop, strip animation, built-in safety nets
Role-based – dynamic handling of flights, based on roles and areas of responsibility. Roles can be combined or split in real-time based on workload
Highly configurable – strips and workflows can be customized to the operational procedures of any tower or approach facility

Enhanced Workflows for Air Traffic Controllers

Our EFS is an intuitive, highly configurable system that automates controller workflows based on operational procedures. EFS is designed to look and operate like an analogue strip board and can be implemented to mimic existing operations in towers of any size. EFS provides an efficient way of distributing flight data to the tower positions and for exchanging flight data with external ATM systems.

The EFS configurability includes strip layout and content, controller roles, areas of responsibility (AORs) and workflows. We work with customers to define the user interface and workflows and behaviours that align with or improve tower.

Electronic Flight Strips
The EFS layout is organized in customizable “bays” and “sections”. Sections reflect the current state of the flight and strips are placed in different sections depending on state of flight and/or flight ownership.

The EFS architecture builds on the modular and scalable Integrated ATC Suite (I-ATS) platform. An EFS only deployment can easily scale to the full set of I-ATS surface safety and tower automation capabilities.


Did you know...

Saab is a leading provider of EFS capabilities with over 15 years of experience.

  • EFS easily integrates with terminal and en-route automation, A-SMGCS, pre-departure, Departure Management (DMAN) and Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) systems.
  • EFS can be tailored to specific airports and Air Traffic Controller (ATC)’s position/role.
  • EFS enhances situational awareness with A-SMGCS alerts and runway incursions prevention
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Per Ahl
CEO Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions

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