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Electronic Warfare Antennas

Saab has been providing Electronic Warfare (EW) antennas and antenna sub-systems to the international defence market for over three decades.
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Key features

Designed and tested to military standards
Extreme broadband applications
Lightweight and compact
Integrated antenna sub-systems for high accuracy Direction Finding
Integrated, custom RF Front Ends

World Class Performance in Tough Environments

Saab’s high performance, compact, and reliable antennas have been successfully deployed in a wide range of systems for:

  • Radar Warning Receiver (RWR)
  • Electronic Support Measures (ESM)
  • Electronic Intelligence (ELINT)
  • Communication Intelligence (COMINT)
  • Electronic Countermeasures (ECM)

Our antennas are designed and tested to military standards for any platform from naval surface and subsurface to airborne subsonic and supersonic.

Electronic Warfare Antennas

While we offer a range of Military Off the Shelf (MOTS) products, Saab specializes in custom antenna design antennas or customization of standard antennas. Our core product line includes spiral-, sinuous-, horn-, LPDA-, biconical-, blade- and reflector antennas, particularly well-suited for applications that demand extreme bandwidths or rugged designs.

Saab has an impressive track record in developing and producing a wide range of antenna sub-systems, typically customized to specific user-and system requirements. They consist of multiple antenna sets operating in different frequency bands and with different polarizations, optimized for customer specific Direction Finding (DF) techniques and are integrated in a way that minimizes installation effects.

By combining high performance integrated antennas with complementary products like RF front ends, switching matrices, microwave modules, controllers, positioners and radomes, Saab caters for almost any EW antenna sub-system requirement. Our access to in-house and local antenna test ranges enables us to fully characterize these sub-systems, often delivering units with complete calibration coefficients, reducing integrated system testing requirements.

Did you know?

We have four in-house anechoic antenna test chambers as well as local access to ground reflection- and compact antenna test ranges.

  • We can support you with customized antenna solutions, including platform specific placement simulations to get optimal antenna performance.
  • Saab specializes in antennas that are compact and rugged
  • Our high-performance antennas are used in Air, Land and Naval domains on multiple Saab and export customer platforms.
  • Saab’s antenna products are not subject to ITAR export restrictions.
Years’ experience in antenna design

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Johan Du Toit
Technical Design Authority: Antenna Sub-Systems


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22 January 2024

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