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Fiber Optic Gyro (FOG) - Stability under pressure

In guns, missiles, sights, cameras and antennas, stability is key. Saab’s Fiber Optic Gyros (FOG) are designed to provide maximum stabilisation in tough environments.
track fire FOG land
Fiber Optic Gyro (FOG) L

High performance – Tough environments

40 years’ experience producing high performance gyro
Our FOGs can be integrated and deployed rapidly and are not held up by timely ITAR restrictions
Available as basic single axis FOG sensor, 1, 2 and 3-axis solutions with analogue or digital outputs

Saab’s Fiber Optic Gyros

Saab’s Fiber Optic Gyros (FOG) are a vital component in many different platforms, including radar, gun, camera and antenna applications. We design gyro solutions by adapting sensors and modular electronics to suit each individual requirement.

Basic design

The Saab FOG sensor is a fiber optic ring interferometer comprising fiber coil, phase modulator, two fused fiber optic couplers, fiber optic polariser, super-luminescent light module and photo receiving module with pre-amplifier. The electronic part is a processing PCB that converts the optical module output into rate proportional voltages.

FOG adaptation to requirements

In addition to offering and selling standard configurations a typical procedure for Saab is to design complete rate gyro solutions by adapting our sensors and our modular electronics to customer requirements. The basic configuration data-sheets available as downloads are examples of standard configurations which could be modified to different customer requirements.


  • Solid state
  • Short start up time
  • High sensitivity
  • Low drift
  • Low noise
  • High bandwidth
  • High shock usability
  • Small size
  • No ITAR restrictions


  • Gun stabilisation
  • Missile stabilisation
  • Inertial Measurements Units
  • Sight stabilisation
  • Camera stabilisation
  • Antenna stabilisation

The most important part of the Saab offering is to adapt our basic FOG components to the customer’s specific need. Saab can also provide customised packages according to the actual mechanical outlines, to provide a form, fit and function replacement for older designs based on mechanical gyros.

Example of a gyro unit - see downloads for dimensions



Did you know...

  • Saab has a long record of 100 percent delivery rate for our gyro products
  • Example of program references are CV90, Puma and Trackfire 
  • Our FOG products are also used in commercial applications – for example integrated in an advanced pool cleaner
Saab has produced more than 40,000 gyro products based on either mechanical or fiber optical technology which are delivered to a large number of different applications worldwide.

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