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Fiber Optic Sensor System - Overheat Detection System

Saab’s Fiber Optic Sensor System Overheat Detection System (OHDS) provides real time monitoring of bleed air piping to detect hot air leakage. Robust and reliable detection – with precise fault isolation.
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Avionics systems

Key features

Qualified for airborne applications as a bleed air overheat detection system, and will be introduced in all future Airbus A350 aircraft
Reduces the total number of components with 90% and the weight by 80% compared with present system
Actual measurements of the temperature with a very high temperature and spatial resolution, not only reacting to a set alarm threshold
A state of the art, cost effective system to measure temperatures in multiple positions of an aircraft structure

Fiber Optic Sensor Systems - OverHeat Detection System

Saab is one of just a few companies globally with the expertise to develop entire aircraft systems, this ensures understanding of customer requirements, equipment architecture and integration. We have the unique position to take inhouse developed technology – common technology, and adapt this for either military aircraft or for commercial use. The Fiber Optic Sensor System OHDS is a new result of this way of working.

We are using Fibre Bragg Grating (FBG) sensor technology for measuring temperature along a fiber optic cable. This technology will allow for a large number of sensing points that can be located a few centimeters apart, each working as an individual temperature sensor.

The sensing fibers can be distributed in the aircraft to meet the monitoring needs and will sustain high vibration and temperature levels. The system provides actual temperature measurements with ability to trace trends and introduce smart alarm functions – not only an alarm threshold.

Presentation of Fiber Optic Sensor Systems

Jonas Ek, project leader at Saab, Avionics Systems presents our Fiber Optic Sensor System. From our Civil Aviation Webinar November 20th. 


Watch full version of the webinar here

Video -
fiber optic overheat detection system (ohds)_3

Did you know...

  • Saab was first in bringing a fiber optic based thermal sensor system to aerospace applications
  • Saab’s OHDS technology is qualified for airborne applications, and will be introduced in all future Airbus A350 aircraft
  • Saab has recently been honored with the Airbus Innovation Award for OHDS. The Airbus Innovation Award is handed out annually to a supplier that provides new innovative solutions for Airbus aircraft
reduction of the total number of components

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