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Giraffe 1X GBAD
When agility and rapid reactions close to the combat area are essential, the Giraffe 1X 3D multi-mission radar protect your forces, secures their freedom of manoeuvre and supports air superiority.
Giraffe 1X Supacat Jackal
GBAD image C3 focus

Key features

Small, lightweight high performing 3D radar
Enables unique flexibility and redundancy in GBAD solutions
Covers the entire search volume every second

Lightweight multi-mission surveillance radar

The Giraffe 1X is an ideal air surveillance component in the Ground Based Air Defence (GBAD) domain that provides ground based air defence commanders with engagement quality quality data, drone detection and Counter-Artillery, Rocket and Mortar (C-RAM) sense and warn within a single solution. It can be used as a gap filler that complements larger GBAD systems, as the ideal main sensor in a Very Short Range Radar (VSHORAD) system or as a Counter-UAS (C-UAS) solution.

Small, lightweight, high performing 3D radar

The compact concept makes Giraffe 1X the perfect choice when continuous air surveillance is desired as part of short-range surveillance and ground based air defence. The weight, together with its very low power consumption makes it easily integrated into any type of mobile platform, fixed structure or Command and Control (C2) system. The total system weighs less than 150 kg with a topside weight of 100 kg.

Giraffe 1X provides swift understanding of the air situation, enabling immediate and effective response to changing threats, new tactics and shifting operational conditions. The compact high performing 3D radar covers the entire search volume every second and will detect any air threat, including small, slow, high and low targets.

Fixed, mobile or deployable with small footprint

Giraffe 1X C2

Giraffe 1X can be used as either a mobile, a deployable or a fixed asset for short-range surveillance and Ground Based Air Defence (GBAD). Giraffe 1X is with an exceptional small integration footprint. In fact, the complete radar can be transported on a pickup truck-sized vehicle, by helicopter or towed on a trailer. It can be permanently installed on a building or a mast, or integrated into a suitable vehicle. The system can be operated remotely or locally.

Multifunctional protection

Giraffe 1X provides simultaneous air surveillance, GBAD target acquisition, and RAM sense and warn capabilities without performance degradation. The automatic tracking functionality provides quick and reliable feedback to the operator. It can detect fixed and rotary wing targets, fast missiles and RAM targets as well as small UAVs in high-clutter environments. Giraffe 1X covers the entire search volume every second and provides forces with early warning.

The system can be delivered with sea surface surveillance as well as sense & warn add-ons and can be operated remotely or locally, and can be configured fully self-contained with C3 capabilities.
It also offers flexible integration of weapon systems and tactical data links giving the user great flexibility in their connectivity options. Giraffe 1X allows for standard or customised data link integration.

Drone detection and classification

Giraffe UAV detection capability

The Giraffe ELSS (enhanced low, slow and small) function offers state of the art UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) detection performance, building on the innovative thinking behind the design of the Giraffe radars. It detects and tracks small/mini-UAVs, even distinguish them from birds with a false alarm rate reduced to an absolute minimum.

It can be used for a wide range of applications such as monitoring airport flight zones, local protection of own forces while on the move, camps or civil event protection, and UAV surveillance of larger areas.

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Creating time to act

Giraffe 1X arctic graded

Did you know...

... that Giraffe 1X has a total system weight of less than 150 kg

  • Giraffe 1X is the only true multifunctional radar in its class
  • Giraffe 1X can be integrated in any type of mobile or fixed installation
  • Giraffe 1X can detect a UAV lighter than a milk carton as far as 4 km from the radar
total system weight of less than 150 kg

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