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Giraffe 4A

Giraffe 4A

The truly multifunctional long range Giraffe 4A creates time to act with capabilities including air surveillance, weapon location and ground based air defence.

Key features

Self-contained sensor with optional operators module and mobile high mast solution
Multi-functional – Fully adaptable for different missions with simultaneous capabilities
AESA radar engineered for future adaption

Multi-mission surveillance

Giraffe 4A combines the battle-proven designs from the Arthur and Giraffe AMB product families with an all-new radar sensor, based on AESA (Active Electronically Scanned Array) technology. It provides an all-weather coverage against air targets from low, slow and small targets (UAVs), to fast moving fighters and supersonic missiles, RAM targets and detection/tracking of jammer strobes. The system gives you a very high accuracy and update rate with a target revisit time of one second combined with 360° monitoring of the air volume. With a known threat direction, the system can operate in a sector mode and increase the frequency to up to 8 Hz.

Giraffe 4A can be installed either as a fixed installation or in a mobile configuration. Both can be controlled remotely or locally. The mobile configuration is self-contained and is ideal as a mobile deployable air surveillance asset.

Air surveillance

With an instrumented range of up to 400 km in the air surveillance role, Giraffe 4A is armed with awareness. Unlike traditional air surveillance radars, the multifunctional Giraffe 4A also provides GBAD modes with engagement-quality target data for VSHORAD to MRAD effectors due to very high plot accuracy and update rate.

Ground based air defence

In the role as Ground Based Air Defence (GBAD), it provides forces with a swift understanding of the air situation, enabling immediate and effective response to changing threats and new tactics in shifting operational conditions. This flexible solution gives a 360-degree coverage to support forces by providing situational awareness and target data for engagement. It also gives enables the operator to focus on a certain sector enabling an even longer detection range or an optimisation to handle very fast targets (scanning rate up to 8 Hz).

Giraffe 4A

Weapon locating

In the weapon-locating role, Giraffe 4A can handle massive artillery scenarios and rapidly locate hostile artillery fire based on calculations of points of origin and points of impact to support effective counter battery fire, moving the hostile artillery from threat to target. It can also support your troops with warnings for incoming fire.


Giraffe 4A is based on the latest Active Electrically Scanned Array (AESA), using more powerful and compact Gallium Nitride (GaN) components to provide state-of-the-art performance and excellent reliability. It is designed in a customer friendly package, minimising the Life Cycle Cost (LCC). To secure the fulfilment of all operations, the system design includes redundancy on critical parts to secure full performance and customer capability until planned maintenance. The design is prepared for further upgrades to support your forces with the latest capability as the threats evolve.

Flexibility and mobility

Giraffe 4A can be deployed by two persons in less than 10 minutes and teardown takes less than 5 minutes. It can also be airlifted by a single C-130 using standard equipment for container handling. With larger aircraft, such as the IL-76, C-17 or A400M the system can be transported as drive-on/drive-off cargo.

Giraffe 4A

Did you know...

... that redundant design such as the AESA concept makes the time between critical failure extremely long; >2,500 h - while typical repair time is less than 45 min.

  • Air surveillance: By the ability to identify and track a high number of objects simultaneously the system is suitable for air and sea surveillance as well as military air traffic control.
  • Ground-based air defence: Tracks and classifies air targets together with identification capability supporting multiple simultaneous engagements.
  • Weapon locating: Tracks ballistic projectiles, classifies and calculates point of origin and point of impact for counter-battery fire or adjustment of own fire.
hours between critial failure

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Leaflet in pdf for view or download:
25 September 2020

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