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With 24/7 multi target capability, RBS 70 NG is highly accurate, reliable, flexible and ready for any combat challenge.

Key features

Unjammable laser guidance
Night and day capabilities
Auto-tracking technology

Technical data  
Effective range> 9000 m
Altitude coverage0-5000 m
Deployment time 45 sec
Reloading timeLess than 5 sec (MANPADS)
Max velocity (BOLIDE)Mach 2

See everything - miss nothing 

With a fully integrated sighting system, innovative operator aids, high-precision range and unjammable laser guidance, our RBS 70 NG Ground-Based Air Defence (GBAD) system sets itself apart from all others. Our state-of-the-art system provides a highly flexible, scalable and long-term solution to evolving GBAD requirements.


In addition to superb Man-Portable Air Defence System (MANPAD) benefits, RBS 70 NG’s sight has been specially designed for even greater flexibility and modularity. The system’s cutting-edge design also means that it can integrate with various vehicles, and has networked and remote-control compatibility.

Brazilian Army on why they chosen the RBS 70 NG

During 2019, the Brazilian Army conducted their first ever RBS 70 NG firings. The RBS 70 has been in service with the Brazilian Army since 2014. The system had a big role in 2016 as it was a part of the protection of the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Video - 3:03

How it all began


RBS 70 launced
Intercept range - 5 km
Altitude coverage - 2,000 m+
Unjammable guidance
Laser beam riding missile


Increased area coverage
Improved hardware


Mk2 missile
Clip-On Night Device (COND)
Battlefield Management Terminal


Fourth generation announced
BOLIDE all-target missile
BORC thermal imager
Identification Friend or Foe (IFF)


RBS 70 NG launched
Integrated thermal imager

The new-generation sight module features:

  • Integrated, high-resolution thermal imaging with night and day capabilities
  • Advanced cueing for improved reaction times and target acquisition
  • An auto-tracker that assists the operator during engagement and increases hit probability
  • Improved aiming aids to further system performance, both for manual and auto-tracker engagements
  • Built-in video recording for after-action review

Did you know...

RBS 70 NG is the result of a short-range air defense system with more than 40 years of development. Here are some interesting facts about the system you may not already know.

  • The acronym RBS is Swedish for missile system (robotsystem)
  • At an early stage of the laser guidance development, a remotely controlled car was used to simulate the missile.
  • The exact same RBS 70 NG sights is used as Manpad and in the RWS (Remote Weapon Station)

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