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Techician on Gripen

Aircraft Support

Saab provides full, integrated logistic support, maintenance and engineering services for aircraft platforms, engines and mission systems. We are your long-term partner - from line to base maintenance.
Technician working on aircraft engine

Key features

Tailored support ranging from single services to complete undertakings for aircraft fleet availability
EASA part 21/145 certified
Military certified in accordance with RML V5 and V6

From line to base maintenance

We understand the importance of aircraft availability to the success of your mission. For decades, we have provided effective support solutions for both rotary and fixed-wing aircraft worldwide. Through years of experience and combined intelligence, Saab’s thinking edge finds new and innovative ways to help our partners.

We can secure the delivery of cost-effective support solutions for individual customer needs, from single services to complete undertakings for aircraft fleet availability. Our goal is to deliver a support solution where we can integrate perfectly with our customer’s own organisation. No gaps, no overlap.


We are available 24 hours a day all year round. As well as providing support in the field and at our customers’ facilities, we also have many dedicated support hubs around the world. This provides us with the means to offer enhanced services independently of your operations.

Our turnkey offering includes fully integrated logistical support, operation, maintenance and availability, 24 hours a day all year round.

Saab facilities at Stockholm Skavsta airport
We have several support hubs around the world. One of those hubs is located at Stockholm Skavsta airport, Sweden.

Design office

We are a qualified design organisation with a proven track record. We offer complete modification and repair solutions for aircraft within both civil and military flight operations. Our experienced engineers can support with a variety of jobs, from minor changes to full blown major modifications with all the necessary documents and drawings. We take full responsibility for turnkey modifications and repairs to customer and are known to be quick and efficient.

Design team
Aircraft cleaning

Support shops

Avionics workshop

Our avionics workshop has a long and proven track record and experience in the avionics area for both commercial and military aircraft and helicopters. We offer all sorts of repairs and troubleshooting and we can support you right at the aircraft on the tarmac if you need.

Sheet metal, machining and welding workshop

Our workshops hold extensive capabilities and we can assist you with almost anything within the areas below.

  • Machining of metal parts
  • Bending and cutting of sheet metal
  • Heat treatment, solution heat treatment and curing in own oven
  • Welding workshop
  • Permission to weld for Swedish military forces
  • TIG welding of stainless, aluminum, heat-resistant steel Brazing
  • Surface treatment with alodine 1200/1500
  • Battery maintenance of lead and ni-ca batteries
  • Paint jobs on a smaller scale can be performed
  • Tires workshop
  • Non-destructive testing by eddy current or dye penetrant, portable equipment for testing in the field is available
  • Blasting and painting of rims and wheels
  • Pressure testing of hydraulic hoses and other hydraulic equipment
  • Fuel nozzles function testing, cleaning and test drive of Garret, Pratt & Whitney and any helicopter nozzles

Electrical workshop

We can perform work in one-off or small series and support you with almost anything you need within the wiring and harness area. Repair or replacement, troubleshooting and installation.

  • Production of wires and harnesses
  • Laser marking machine for marking of wires
  • Installation in aircraft, vehicles and other wiring
  • Troubleshooting
  • Documentation
  • Calibration routines

Non-Destructive Testing

Non-destructive testing (NDT) is used to detect discontinuities like cracks and corrosion in structures without damaging the material. You may send your wheels, bolts or other parts to us for NDT. We provide very short turnaround times. If needed, we can come to you to carry out NDT inspections.

Spare part sales

We offer spare part sales within a wide range of products, both as single sales of individual parts and in conjunction with maintenance or modification of aircraft. For example, we are an approved dealer for Rockwell Collins, Garmin, Honeywell and David Clark among others. Aircraft consumables are also available for sale.

Baltic Air Policing 2019 - Czech Air Force

Did you know...

… just how extensive our support offering is?

  • We have more than 80 years’ experience in aircraft support.
  • Since 2009 we provide a turnkey support solution for the SK 60 trainer aircraft, ensuring that the system is airworthy and available to the Swedish Air Force.
  • We can perform support on site during international missions, one example being the Swedish Coast Guard’s operations Frontex and Atalanta.
years experience

Stories from the field

Being deployed is often equal to rather primitive conditions, lack of protection and availability of the sufficient supporting resources and maintenance capability you are used to at the home base. However, it does not have to be like that.
DAM - Deployable Maintenance Facility - Hungarian Air Force
Deployable Maintenance Facility - Tanks - CGI

Deployable Maintenance Facility

Saab's Deployable Maintenance Facility provides enhanced maintenance capacity and can be deployed rapidly wherever the need arises, enabling increased availability.

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1 September 2020

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