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IDAS/CIDAS integrated self-protection suite

Saab offers the Integrated Defence Aids Suite (IDAS) and Compact Integrated Defence Aids Suite (CIDAS) for rotary and fixed-wing aircraft. Benefits include instantaneous response to multiple threats and intuitive situational awareness.
Saab 2000 AEWC Erieye

Key features

Radar warning receiver, missile and laser warning, hostile fire indication and countermeasure control.
Fully automated response , intuitive situational awareness.
Low Cost, Size, Weight and Power (CSWaP), fully integrated sub-systems.

Multi-spectral aircraft self-protection system

The primary purpose of a self-protection suite is the immediate survival of the aircraft in a hostile threat environment. Important in the self-protection domain is immediate and automatic countermeasures dispensing, as well as providing warning and situational awareness to the crew. This is essential since survival depends on doctrine - tactics in combination with countermeasures.

IDAS/CIDAS is operational on 30+ aircraft types, some of which are in use in Nato countries.

Concentrate on your mission – IDAS has your back

The IDAS/CIDAS system is installed on an aircraft in a way that allows the sensors to detect radar (2.0GHz – 18GHz or 0.7GHz – 40GHz), missile and laser threats from any position relative to the aircraft. The system reacts either automatically, semi-automatically or in back-up/manual modes, depending on crew selection.

Countermeasures responses are fully user-programmable via software tools and training provided by Saab.

IDAS provides any number of sensor suite combinations and has been integrated with a range of third-party sensors and sub-systems, such as Directional Infrared Countermeasures (DIRCM) and Infrared Missile Approach Warning systems (IR-MAW).

IDAS provides radar warning functionality in two optional frequency ranges between 0.7GHz and 40 GHz. A missile warning sub-system provides ultra-violet based missile launch detection with angle of arrival accuracy sufficient for smart countermeasures dispensing as well as DIRCM cueing.

IDAS integrates laser warning sensors which detect four types of laser threats.

IDAS/CIDAS will soon feature a Saab-designed active hostile fire indication function as well as third party IR-MAW and several successful DIRCM integration options. Saab offers a wide range of in-house countermeasure dispensing solutions as well as integration to third party, existing CMDS sub-systems.

CIDAS – the compact, cost-effective solution

CIDAS is the compact version of the Integrated Defensive Aids Suite, with electro-optical sensors and a smaller controller. CIDAS does not feature the RWR functionality but is identical to IDAS in all other aspects. This cost-effective solution is ideal for users not requiring the RWR functionality for their aircraft.


Saab offers operational and intermediate level support options as well as a full range of training options to give users full control of threat libraries and data.

Saab 2000 AEWC Erieye

Did you know...?

... That IDAS/CIDAS systems are operational in more than 15 countries in different parts of the world?

  • They system has been installed on Mach2+ fighters.
  • IDAS has the lowest box count of comparable systems and it can be integrated to most third- party, existing countermeasures solutions.
  • It is compatible with a wide range of Directional Infrared Counter Measures (DIRCMs).
Operational in more than 15 customer countries

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