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Saab Global
UME and SME naval ESM and ELINT

Electronic Warfare

With over 50 years of electronic warfare innovation, Saab provides electronic warfare solutions for a variety of platforms in the air, land and sea domains.

Outsmarting threats for a safer world

Radar and radar-guided weapons have always been a main threat for aircraft, and for an aircraft manufacturer like Saab, electronic warfare is a key technology. Our experience within electronic warfare goes back more than 50 years to when we first needed to protect fighters from air-to-air missiles or ground based air defence. Today, our electronic warfare offer includes self-protection systems protecting aircraft, helicopters, land vehicles, naval vessels and submarines. We also provide signals intelligence systems for passive interception and analysis of radar and communication signals, giving improved situational awareness from airborne, land based and naval platforms Electronic warfare is about detecting or disturbing electromagnetic emissions, typically a radar emission or communication signal. For example, it can be used to protect an aircraft, helicopter, or ship from radar- or infrared-guided missiles or simply protect it from detection. Once detected, forces face the risk of being attacked or engaged in battle. In such hostile situations, our countermeasures systems will provide the protection required for mission success and safe return to base.