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Saab naval ESM and ELINT

Naval COMINT and C-ESM sensor solutions

Detection, location, decoding and interpreting of all intercepts, providing short-term tactical awareness as well as answering operational and strategic COMINT tasks and requests.

Superior naval communication surveillance

Exploiting the explosion of communication in the electromagnetic domain, Saab’s Communication Intelligence (COMINT) and Communications Electronic Support Measures (C-ESM) sensors find the right balance between automated and operator-controlled surveillance.

This enables surveillance using networked automated sensors on any platform or fixed installation.

Automated analysis of the radio theatre

The goal is to obtain a picture of the complete radio spectrum. All signals in the requested band are detected, geo-located, classified, demodulated and decoded. Wherever possible, these tasks are performed automatically. Detailed mission planning guarantees that the important signals of interest are detected and processed. The results are demodulated signal recordings and reports for each signal, stored in a centralised database.

Situational awareness of the surroundings

Our sensor systems provide supporting information to the situational picture, using the analysis of signals from a certain area. After an analysis of the situation, an automatic warning function provides threat or abnormality-detection information.

Detection of fake emissions

Saab’s COMINT technology can be used to detect of fake emissions, i.e.; a difference in the sent signal and the real identity and position of vessels and aircraft. Comparing the position information from a direction finding with the one reported in the signal exposes the fake information, which triggers the warning function, for example the *AIS or *ADS-B signals.

*AIS: Automatic Identification System
*ADS-B: Automatic Dependent Surveillance–Broadcast

Land, naval and air communication

Amplitude Modulation (AM), Frequency Modulation (FM) and digital communications signals are detected, processed and recorded from the civil and military domains, covering naval, air and land communication. All signals can be recorded and processed automatically.

Detecting and analysing Unidentified (UI) signals

Our solutions detect the signals that are new to the current radio theatre and the system displays which signals that have not been processed, using standard means. These unidentified signals are stored in a database and can be analysed for technical and tactical information.

Naval C-ESM and COMINT antenna

Did you know...

... that we provide a unique offering: a combined SIGINT antenna including high frequency direction finding?

  • The sensors integrate seamlessly with our Sirius sensor family, providing a true SIGINT and ESM functionality.
  • Our subsurface SIGINT solution has been in operation for more than 10 years.
  • Our resource management splits signal detection and signal production,  enabling the signal production resources to be freely and dynamically allocated to multiple sensors.
10,000 signal production channels are possible within our COMINT sensors

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