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NLWS on ship

NLWS Naval laser-warning system

Saab’s Naval Laser Warning System (NWLS) is a vital component of a vessel’s combat suite sensor capability, providing real time situational awareness of laser based threats

Compact, high performance Naval Laser Warning system

NLWS provides vital situational information to the command team, enhancing their tactical picture and alerting them to the presence of laser activity. The system includes an NLWS for surface vessels and a Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) blue-green laser sensor for sub-surface application.


NLWS installed

The NLWS features of a number of sensors together with a laser warning controller. The number of sensors required to ensure complete hemispherical coverage is determined based on the size of the vessel.

The NLWS interfaces with the vessel’s Combat Management System (CMS), Electronic Support Measures (ESM) and the onboard countermeasure system. The system has a high Probability of Intercept (PoI) and also provides the bearing, laser classification and identification information required to deploy the necessary countermeasure pattern.

The NLWS’s high PoI complements the sensor suite’s compilation of the recognised maritime picture, providing threat direction, classification and identification, as well as immediate handoff to support platform self-protection.

NLWS on ship

Did you know...

… that the NLWS is in service onboard both surface ships and submarines within Nato’s naval forces?

  • Features simplified integration, operation and maintenance, with low cost, size weight and power.
  • System operation, whether as stand- alone, integrated with a CMS, or as part of an integrated electronic warfare solution.
  • Installed vessels in five countries in different parts of the world, including Nato nations.
In use in five countries

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