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The R60 Aids-to-Navigation (AtoN) Station is designed for marking offshore maritime installations, such as wind energy farms, navigational aids and hazards.

Key features

Best-in-Class sensitivity - better than -118 dBm
Reception of all applicable AIS messages
Type 3 Aids-to-Navigation (AtoN) functionality (IEC 62320-2)
Supports reporting of up to 30 virtual or synthetic AtoNs


Marking of Navigational Aids and Isolated Dangers

The R60 Aids-to-Navigation (AtoN) Station is designed for marking offshore maritime installations such as wind energy farms, navigational aids and hazards. 

The R60 AtoN receives AIS data from all AIS units within the VHF coverage area and transmits information of Navigational Aids and isolated Dangers within the same area. 

The R60 AtoN is a valuable tool in increasing the situational awareness and the efficiency of operations and safety. 

Future Proof

The R60 AtoN Station is built on Saab's latest generation of electronics and radio design, representing the pinnacle of innovation in the field of AIS and VDES technology. It fully supports AIS AtoN operations and is also prepared for future VDES AtoN functionality. 

High Sensitivity

The R60 AtoN Station provides an outstanding AIS sensitivity of -118 dBm, which significantly exceeds the requirements in international standards and regulations providing a dramatically improved receiving coverage range. 

Remote Configuration and Operation

The R60 AtoN Station is equipped with three Ethernet/LAN interfaces to connect to other equipment or data networks, and allow for remote power control of the AtoN Station. The R60 AtoN Station has a built in WEB-server for more advanced configuration, monitoring and remote updates. 

The R60 AtoN Station also has a built in NTP-server option, to support local time synchronization for LAN connected equipment. Furthermore, it supports extensive possibilities for VDL analysis via FSR/VSI-message information, giving details such as Received Signal Strength, Time of Arrival and Signal to Noise Ratio. 

A colour touch display allows for simple monitoring and configuration.

Key Functions

  • Electronic AIS marking of offshore maritime installations, such as wind energy farms, navigational aids and isolated hazards. 
  • All vessels equipped with AIS will receive information indicating the marked area and the location of the offshore installations or hazards. 
  • Integration with meteorological sensors for local distribution of weather data.
  • Local vessel AIS monitoring in order to track own work boats within the location, as well as vessels entering or leaving area of operation.
  • Remote monitoring of vessel activity within the area, if a network connection to the AtoN Station is available. 
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Did you know...

  • VDES or VHF Data Exchange System is an international standard based on AIS.
  • We guarantee our VDES products being compliant with the latest standards thanks to our market leading Software Defined Radio technology.
  • Over the years, we have delivered more than 3,000 AIS base stations to more than 50 countries.
  • We are a leading supplier of national AIS networks and base stations in China, India and Sweden. The former of these is believed to be the largest AIS network in the world.

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