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Squadron 2020 -2

SLIM - Saab Lightweight Integrated Mast

A multi-capability top-deck mast for the naval domain that accommodates housing for all major radars, sensors and antennas.

Key features

Lightweight design and optimized operational performance
Turn-key solution and customer tailored

A fully equipped composite mast

Saab Lightweight Intergrated Mast (SLIM) means that we take a holistic responsibility for the sensor performance and integration,
top-deck design, structural tolerances, interfaces and installation.

SLIM enhances Swedish Gävle-class Corvettes

The operational value of a ship is not determined by the age of the hull. Two of the Swedish Royal Navy's Gävle-class Corvettes are receiving enhanced capabilities including SLIM.

Video - 1:31

Saab has designed and built composite masts for decades. Now, we have developed the technology into fully equipped, tested and verified masts suited for the prime contractor shipyard.

Derived from the stealth Visby-class corvette’s 100-percent carbon fibre hull construction, we have successfully introduced SLIM on the market for surface combatants.

SLIM Saab Lightweight Integrated Mast
The Finnish Navy Pohjanmaa class role corvettes, currently under construction, is equipped with Saab Lightweight Integrated Mast (SLIM).
Squadron 2020 SLIM
SLIM on Pohjanmaa class corvette for the Finnish Navyincludes Saabs Sea Giraffe 4A FF, Sea Giraffe 1X, IFF, Electronic Warfare Suite, EOS, communication antennas as well as ship yard equipment such as fire detection and extinguishing, CBRN pre-wetting and wash- down system, HVAC, navigation lights and meteorological sensors.


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SLIM information in pdf

Leaflet in pdf for view or download:
16 September 2020

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