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Visby Sea Giraffe AMB

Sea Giraffe AMB

Sea Giraffe AMB provides simultaneous multi-role capabilities, delivering a higher level of awareness, arming your forces with the advantage of knowing in advance and the power to rule your domain.

Naval medium range multi-mission surveillance

The Sea Giraffe AMB is designed to be an efficient medium-range radar which offers outstanding performance in both littoral regions and blue waters. The solution is powerful but still compact and lightweight. It provides naval commanders the capabilities needed for maintaining continuous and accurate air and surface situational awareness to maximise response time to manage any threats in any waters.

Sea Giraffe AMB provides superior overall performance compared to other naval 3D radars in the same class. It provides the most comprehensive Electronic Counter-Countermeasure (ECCM) capabilities currently available, including ultra-low antenna side-lobes.

It is the result of Saab’s expertise and long experience in the field. Saab has supplied over 30 countries across the world with radars, and continues to push performance boundaries.

Maintaining situational awareness

Sea Giraffe AMB operates at the C-band and offers outstanding performance in both littoral regions and blue waters with a 360° monitoring, high update rate and a 1-second target revisit time. In order to relive operator interaction, Sea Giraffe AMB provides fully automatic operation for both air and surface targets, supported by a variety of different clutter maps and Doppler processing capabilities to eliminate both land and weather-driven clutter. Sea Giraffe AMB classifies and tracks fixed wing, helicopter (both moving and hovering), small UAVs, jammer and ballistic targets.

The surface channel gives a high probability of detecting very small targets in close proximity to the surface, for example RIB boats and periscopes. The radar has been proven in all kinds of environments, including regions with extensive ducting conditions to master the littorals.

Sea Giraffe AMB allows for standard or customised data link integration.

Sea Giraffe capabilities

  • Simultaneous air and surface surveillance
  • Multi-role capabilities
  • C-UAS through ELSS classification
  • Sense and Warn
  • Excellent small target detection
  • Fast reaction time for all targets
  • Extensive Electronic Counter-Countermeasures
  • Small footprint – physically and weight

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Leaflet in pdf for view or download:
25 September 2020

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