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Gripen E & GlobalEye

HX Offer

The HX Programme & offer to Finland

Saab’s HX Programme offer to Finland is a comprehensive solution for air power management and air defence. From the beginning, the Gripen E/F fighter has been developed for the challenging operations, threats and conditions in the north and in our area of operation. Together with GlobalEye, the world’s most advanced command and control system, which multiplies the defence capability, the offer greatly adds to the interoperability of the different branches of the armed services of the Finnish Defence Forces.
Global Eye and Gripen E from Saab.

Our best and final offer includes 64 Gripen E fighters, which are the most advanced fighter jets on the market, and two GlobalEye AEW&C aircraft. Our offer also includes an extensive package of weapons and sensor capabilities including long-range Meteor air-to-air missiles, short-range IRIS-T air-to-air missiles, medium-range SPEAR air-to-ground missiles and KEPD350/Taurus cruise missiles for long-range strike missions against ground targets. Finland will, of course, also be provided with all the equipment and services required for the systems’ operations.

Our offer also includes an extensive industrial cooperation programme and the transfer of technology to Finland, the aim of which is to safeguard the national independent operating capabilities for security of supply. This includes the transfer of maintenance, repair and overhaul capabilities to industries in Finland, the production of parts and assembly of aircraft and their engines in Finland, and the establishment of a Gripen & GlobalEye system centre in Finland.

The system centre will allow Finland to develop systems to its own specifications, either independently or in cooperation with Sweden and other Gripen operators. The centre will create new areas of expertise and numerous jobs while ensuring that the systems operated by Finland remain at the forefront of development until the 2060s.

Finland is an important market for Saab. We have a long history here, and we are constantly expanding our operations in Finland with new partnerships with local businesses and universities. We have had extensive research cooperation with Aalto University in recent years, and the Saab Technology Center we established in Tampere already employs more than 50 engineers. The centre already develops and manufactures systems for the Gripen and GlobalEye. We are also involved in extensive cooperation projects with VTT and many Finnish companies in the defence sector.

Saab's HX offer to Finland: 64 Gripen E and 2 Global Eye.

Our Offer

Gripen E fighters and GlobalEye AEW&C aircraft designed for the demanding threats and conditions in this area.
Industrial cooperation projects to safeguard security of supply and independent operating capability in all situations.
Finnish companies and institutions that are directly involved in large-scale technology transfer.
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Gripen E-series

Gripen E-series carries a variety of both active and passive measures to disrupt enemy efforts and protect itself and other friendly units. Its advanced electronic warfare system, similar to an electronic shield, allows disruption of the enemy’s ability to function effectively.

Gripen E-series
GlobalEye AEWoC aircraft

GlobalEye AEW&C

GlobalEye is a multi-domain Airborne Early Warning & Control (AEW&C) solution. With its mix of modern active and passive sensors, it provides long-range detection and identification of objects in air, at sea and over land.

GlobalEye AEW&C